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  • Hi Sheep, I am using 0.15 Chernarus Epoch, my player's game keeps crashing when they die, literally as soon as they die, it keeps happening over and over again, any thoughts as to what would be cause this?

    hello man, i need my sql for 0.16_Cash_Me_Up_Standard_Overpoch/ do you have free time please sand email to me thanks / pansapook@gmail.com
    Hello man, I checked out your pack and its awesome. I have one problem which is that it kicks players for the publicvariable-0.
    Sheep, off the top of your head, can you remember which particular scripts in the Arma 2 repack were the ones that caused Infistar not to work ? I'm trying to weed out all the culprits, so I can have a working infistar.
    Hi fallingsheep i am using your 0.15 repack and it is really awesome but is there a way to make single currency 3.0 work ?
    because when i install it and use traders it does not affect my money :(
    Hey Sheep, i installed your serverpack with the read me pdf. i really did the same but it doesnt go. sry for my bad english :o. can u help me to install it?
    hi falling sheep i must ask how do i gett my misson folder in to my server and replace it i have overpoch script you made :) i usign a server from DayZ.ST
    Hi FallingSheep, I know you are a busy man but i have a question and it would be nice if you could help me. I'm working on a DayZ Mod atm and want to add New Skins into the loottables but idk how this works and you already did this on your mod Endgame.
    the difference between the good guys and the bad guys is the bad guys use human shields the good guys are human shields.
    Hey Man .. thanks again for the fix.. I was wondering if there is a web based way .. without having to log into the server whos online etc just reporting ??
    Hey FallingSheep, I know you're busy with your mod dayzendgame and that you no longer support your repack but I've searched high and low on this forum and I'm desperate, you're repack fails to work for me no matter what I do BUT - I found your repack of Epoch and Base Building on page 7 post 125 on the Base Building 1.3 thread and was wondering did/have you the batteleeye files also?
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