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  • I noticed your post yesterday about how you are coming back to play some Epoch! I am currently running your script repack because I only recently found out about Dayz Epoch and I love to host. If you care to join and give me any pointers on good server design I would love that.

    I really like the work you have done on your repack, it must have taken forever.
    good afternoon fallingsheep , i've got a problem with your dayz epoch server repack , the problem is that when i put my info in the admin menu cfg's when i enter the game there isn't a blue menú
    Have a nice day! At you the most excellent assembly which I saw! I am its testing, all super, but I won't understand, I can something not so made, but having constructed base, after server reset, all constructions, safes vanish! ! ! That not so!
    Hey sheep i was wondering how you would do this on a vilayer server the files are all named different and look different.
    i do all the mod adding on a friends server. My question for you is. How much of this is Server side ? what fps you getting with 20+ people ?
    i would love to run this but we have our own ai citys we built.
    Hi, run a epoch taviana server and I am a beginner scripter and I have implemented many scripts but I am wondering if I could get some help installing halo jump and Chernarus mission system because whenever I try to implement them my server won't let me play anymore.

    PS: Please Contact Me VIA Email: gwg4ming@gmail.com :Skype: bigm112 :Or Steam: TheFartingElf
    Hello Sheep. I run a HFB server and I was wondering what files I need to implement into the server for your repack to work.
    I can help if need be. I created a Humanity Perks menu for players to use and as they advance, they are given better stuff to use. At this time I may release it to the public. message me and let me know.
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