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    Server Owners Skype Group

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    Severe client fps decrease when running Infistar Anti Hack

    My best tip is to remove infistars back door :P
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    Server Owners Skype Group

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    Server Owners Skype Group

    Hi, Ive been a long time coder for dayz. I run my own successful servers. Recently we have been hit with the problem of the steam upgrade and Dayz Commander not showing servers. Because of the time and trouble to find information on what was going on and eventually work around it. I am...
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    [Help] Server offline in DayZ Commander and Gametracker

    We are having the same issues with DZC, it is very frustrating at the lack of news or information around the place. Dayz Launcher shows us fine aswell.
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    [NEW] Deploy + Pack Bike

    Lol, Actually the original was Player2, then everyone went and ripped it off :)
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    New kind of hacking??

    You do realise that all it takes to get an old script working is change a few words in a piece of code? lol that is why server side anti hacks are all but useless, plus that fps drop man ewwwwwwwwww
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    Coding Assistance Needed! :D

    hillarious :D
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    Death Screen

    look at the restriction, then figure out which one is causing it. remove the restriction or use be's whitelist system.
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    Sarge are you still around and still interested in the mod?

    yeh i was hoping he might still look in from time to time, just not bother logging in :P I only log in if i have something to say
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    Sarge are you still around and still interested in the mod?

    Im not looking for support on editing your AI scripts or anything needy like that. Insted I am looking at possible ways to make all the current mods alot better. I remember reading about your idea for hosting AI via a client connection rather than hosting them on the server. I was wondering if...
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    [Request] Zone base warning/kill

    if you dont have a sensors section, create one , just copy his on page 1
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    [WORKING] Halo Jump - New/Re-Spawn Only

    You could just open up the playerFSM, and change the spawn locations for the spawn selection screen, move em more inland, this might be an easier fix you would however then need to call for the new fsm in your init.sqf
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    [WORKING] Halo Jump - New/Re-Spawn Only

    It may well be, I just dont have the time to look through the codes as we encrypt half of em, and move half to server side in an attempt to protect our files from our competitors who just log in and steal the PBO's without asking for permission. If i remember there are two different scripts on...