Server Owners Skype Group


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Hi, Ive been a long time coder for dayz. I run my own successful servers.

Recently we have been hit with the problem of the steam upgrade and Dayz Commander not showing servers.

Because of the time and trouble to find information on what was going on and eventually work around it. I am proposing that Serious Server owners, create a joint group on skype. (There are already some existing groups such as the reality hive group) Where we can share information/big problems. Rather than all of us chasing round for hours and hours.

This is NOT a group for people who want help with their PBO's or people who sit their begging for help but literally a group of a serious server owners, who want a lifeline when things go wrong and they cant find any other way to get the information they need. Anyone coming in and saying oh hey would you do my pbo for me, begging, spamming WILL be removed.

If you are interested, Hit me up with your skype either by PM or in this thread.
New server owner here. Have experience with coding and certainly wouldn't hassle people for help I can find myself :) Got many of the scripts I want installed and just about to publicise my server to get people on it.

Would love to have a community of admins/devs to chat to!

Skype = markdavidbrier

Look forward to hearing from some of you!

P.S. If anyone has the church heal script I would be very grateful. Merg's dropbox download link on this forum appears to be broken. TIA
P.P.S I'm a lurker here and only just signed up for an account to post with