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    Red Dragon Gaming Mil-Spec OverWatch Server

    Hey Forum. Just wanted to re-introduce the Red Dragon Gaming Overwatch server to the community. I have played on many Overwatch server and this one by far is the most custom and action packed. We cater to both people who like PvP & PvE. I am going to list every this server has...
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    Be prepared its coming...... DayZ End Game

    Looks interesting. I'd do a wipe of my server and install this if its on commander and it has everything you say it does.
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    Red Dragon Gaming - Ultimate IN PvE

    We are back!!! Find us on DayzCommander do a search for Red Dragon. Massive A.I. Battles, loot and helis!
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    Latest Overwatch News?

    Ok I am back after getting burnt out running a server. Shooting Blanks whats the latest news on Overwatch?
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    How to update Server To 1.63?

    Damn that was easy. Thanks
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    How to update Server To 1.63?

    My Overwatch server is on 1.62 how do I update it to 1.63. I tried using dazy commander and just updating thru there but the oaserver.exe still shows 1.62 Can you guys steer me in the right direction?
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    Red Dragon Gaming - Ultimate IN PvE

    Server has moved to the below address. Please update your information, RD.KILLONSIGHT.US Port 2302
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    Frank its Kenny. I need your help with something. Going to finally switch to Epoch and I would...

    Frank its Kenny. I need your help with something. Going to finally switch to Epoch and I would like for you to help me with the switch if possibl. Please stop by my Teamspeak when you get a chance
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    Switching A Server From One Mod To Another

    I have a question. I am running a Overwatch server which I and poured my heart and soul into but our traffic is not getting any better. We had a peak on gametracker of 689 but now are just above 1000. Myself and the owner are considering shutting it down for good. Then I thought of the idea of...
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    NEW Overwatch [Banker][Currency][Arresting][levels]

    Wrong place for this. Should go in DayZ Overwatch Private Servers. Not sure how this is a Admin Tool, lol.
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    [Support] DZMS DayZ Mission System

    .90 is very close to 1 which is the max value 1 they should never retreat. try that.
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    [Support] DZMS DayZ Mission System

    They may have to do with their courage rating. Try rasining it and they probably will stan their ground more often.
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    Destroyed Town between elektro and cherno

    Damn I like it. I think though Overwatch by default has some buildings already in the location though. I have to check my server again to see if its empty. if its it I will use it. also never heard the song played in the video before but I like it.
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    Red Dragon Gaming - Ultimate IN PvE

    Added more ways to find vustom base building supples. Added custom castgle to skalisty island
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    [RELEASE] Sector C

    When using sarge and you wander onto a hilltop to watch the soldiers attacjing a bandit camp, you will never go back to dzai." How is it different? what would not make me go back.......besides being able to have friendly sides?