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    Desbloquear vehiculos en un server dayz sin usar Rmod

    Prueba en la cfg de tu servidor colocar verifySignatures=0; de seguro la tenes en 2 por eso el error Wrong signature
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    Remove Clothes from dead bodies!

    clothes are duplicated 2 or more players hold while
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    Good Weather On Server?

    Change the DynamicWeatherEffects to /////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// // The following variables can be changed to tweak weather behaviour // Minimum time in minutes for the weather (fog and overcast)...
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    Random Clothing Parcels

    where find player_monitor.fsm, player_switchModel.sqf?
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    Base Building DayZ 1.2 Released

    In airfield ballota graves explodes, Any fix?
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    DayZ Admin tools

    the teleport is enabled? how used? w+space no work for my
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    Strip vehicles for parts

    excellent :D
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    HALO Jump Tutorial - Simplified

    all skins work? the skin of bandit not work for me
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    HALO Jump Tutorial - Simplified

    where is this fn_selfActions.sqf?
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    How respawn all vehicules in restart server?

    I search for it ,and found the post thank you :D
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    How respawn all vehicules in restart server?

    i use BEC to autorestart my server, i need code to generate vehicles in the auto restart my not working, how setup to working in new version the control center
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    How respawn all vehicules in restart server?

    How respawn new vehicles in restart server?
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    Agregar nuevos Edifios problema

    muchas gracias por la respuesta ya logre hacer que funcione
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    Backpack start

    Lol is a bug?
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    Backpack start

    Yes the genderselect is false, and instance table save, starts only time any config to permanently work properly?