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    Pulling data from SQL table in script

    You need to use Arma2NET for something like that.. Child:101 is for a specific use and cannot be used to read from other custom tables. _key = format["select donor from donors where donor = '%1'",_playerID]; _result = _key call server_hiveReadWrite; _status = _result select 0; And...
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    Help with my RPT!

    It is because you are using the new beta 125555 patch. That messes up a lot of stuff so you might want to revert back to stable 103718
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    RPT logs/errors

    329A that might be Infistar... The other Object not found message is when the server fos are getting slow... You will probably notice it with a lot of players on, it tends to spam the rpt but nothing to do about that other than getting a faster server i guess ( we are doing the same right now)
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    Needing Assistance with InfiStar

    Same for me bro running 2 servers right now and they are going well :P I just wanted to say that it might be problematic to test stuff and fix it again without these abilities. Also i use the tool as a remote execution for a lot of stuff that i need (like triggered events and cleanups and such)...
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    Needing Assistance with InfiStar

    They are buying an antihack tool. If they want to include custom mods like base building they should know what they are doing and if so there is plenty of possibilities on how to get stuff whitelisted in the AH or they can write their own stuff in it that excludes part of the AH if they want...
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    Needing Assistance with InfiStar

    Well i can only talk from my experience and in that he remains as a very very competent scripter, a very nice guy who likes to help out people and i can only recommend his tool and his assistance in anything that has to do with Dayz scripting.
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    Needing Assistance with InfiStar

    Infistar normally replies to every mail very quickly so you should have the new update almost immediately ;)
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    Day/Night Script for my Dedicated Server HELP.

    i was very busy sry... if i get the time today i will write something together here.. google around i think there was something similar somewhere...(not sure though)
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    Day/Night Script for my Dedicated Server HELP.

    Howbthe day/ night thing works is it sets the server time to around 4pm on restart then with restart time of lets say 8 hrs you get 4 hrs day and 4 night ;) So just use a bat file that sets the server time to 4 pm every restart and you should be good ;) I have 2 servers at and i...
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    Send Message to Admins only

    Haven't been using it for quite some time but i think there is a place in the configs of BEC where you define an admin with his name and a password, you need to set that up before being able to use the commands
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    Send Message to Admins only

    with UID i actually meant the chracter id of the player.. i think via BEC you could send a personal message... not really sure though get invisivle and whisper it in direct chat XD
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    Send Message to Admins only

    You will have to work with a publicvariable serverside and clientside and do a check clientside for UIDs and then display the message, else not... That is quite some work to do, also watch out for BE kicks you need to add that publicvariable to the filters
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    I need help creating a heli lifting script (nothing works for me)

    For the hud you need to edit the description.sqf with the code he provides.. if it still does not work send me your files and i will have a look
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    Help with Class Sensors and Markers..

    Looks about right to me...... add the stuff like that then when you are getting the wait for host go and post your Arma2OA.rpt here.. maybe there is another error somewhere ;) often it is a missing };
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    Protected Dome Problems

    i got a nodified protected done script if you want that ;)