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  • Rosska, thanks for your contributions to the community. Many members appreciate the time you put into all these fixes and sharing the fixes with the community. Those of you that do this don't get enough "thanks you's" from people.

    So, thank you. I do appreciate it and I am grateful for it.
    Hey its me, just wanted to ask you if you could help me with my mission and server pbo. PS:I changed to dayz.st. PPS: I am on Skype:bigm112
    Hey rosska, Malkavian huh? I am having problems getting my Self blood working wondering if you could take a look at my mission files.

    Just wanted to say a big thankyou for all your help Rosska. Thanks to you our server is functioning 100% and it's awesome! +1 man you're boss! ;)
    rosska85 now i'm encountering another problem, getting kicked for creating vehicle restriction #40.
    acctually i can build everything, if i try to build a camo net i get this kick, if ur still on here another help would be very awesome
    I'll reply in the thread, not enough room here plus it'll help others.
    Hey man figured i would talk to you hear instead of that thread since im going off topic. I asked if you had AI because i was going to makeca suggestion. Something i did on my server which worked out really well, is to give the AI legal guns that dont normally spawn in game! But i also wanted to get your opinion on a decebt antihack that i can set to ignore my admin tools
    Hey, I hadn't thought about that for the AI. Gives a good incentive to go hunting haha.
    I don't use an antihack, I just rely on BattlEye as I've seen a lot of problems from users running antihacks.
    That said, if I were to use one I'd go with Blur's as he seems good with updates and helping out people who have problems via his own forum.
    My problem is, i dont really know how to read or understand my logs. So if im not on and spectating, modders have free reign. Battle is super easy to bypass and im probably catching 2-4 scripters per day..probably twice that get away with it...
    Haha yeah the RPT is a little nuts sometimes. I just wing it lol.
    I'd check out Blur's if you're wanting to install one. I may even look into it myself at some point. :)
    Thanks for helping me in installing the add-ons.

    +Rep Very Helpful in every way
    Thanks man, glad it's all up and running for the most part. Just that damn anti hack to sort out. :)
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