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    Server control

    Thanks for the response. I'll add this to my server. :)
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    Server control

    How do I disable this feature in general? because apparently epoch servers don't come with it default disabled and it's quite annoying how people can just vote themselves as admin.
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    Unbanning Vehicles -Help

    So, recently I had been looking into servers and it seems that there are many servers out there that have every single vehicle unbanned from their server. I have tried many different ways in going about this, but none have seemed to work so far. One of them was the option of rMod, that may have...
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    DayZ Admin tools

    Yeah, I figured that out shortly after I posted this...... Everyone was saying "mission.pbo" which, I don't use. I use the folder version type thing.......... That's why I was so confused.
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    DayZ Admin tools

    I'm new to running a DayZ server and I don't know what you're talking about by mission.pbo....... I'm using DayZCC and I've tried installing this and everything that I've done is just failing..... Please help me!
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    Admin tools and day Z cc!

    Where is the mission.pbo located? I can only find a mission.sqf