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    !Fresh Dayz Xbox server! !Boosted loot! !WarZ Survival! !Join Discord!

    WarZ Survival - PvP - Factions - 10x Loot / Guns / Cars WarZ is a server on xbox looking for new players to fill up the map! Come join us and earn credits while you play to buy exciting things from the shop like NPC’s that comes with a good variety of gear for building or all out war! Or...
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    OmegaWolves - Apocalypse

    OmegaWolves - Apocalypse|Helis|Traders|Dogs|ATM|Garage|Discord OmegaWolves - Apocalypse THIS IS YOUR EMERGENY BROADCAST SYSTEM: ALL CRIME IS LEGAL 24/7. Come and Join our Brand New DayZ PC Server :OmegaWolves - Apocalypse|Helis|Traders|Dogs|ATM|Garage|Discord ( PVP/PVE/RP ) Come experience...
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    Ricks DayZ Xbox One 2021

    Hey there survivors! Are you wanting a full experience of the update 1.11? Then Ricks DayZ is perfect for you! We have a loot table that evens out across the entire map so you can look for things in spots you think they might be. We have a VERY strong player base with it constantly growing...
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    (New Server) ~OmegaWolves~ Min Infected ~ 75x Loot ~ More Heli Spawns~

    ~Please Come And Play Our New Server~ ~Come Join Our New DayZ Server, It's a Brand New Server!~ ~You can also Join the Discord to See Who Killed You, Keep Track Of Server Updates & More!~ ~Any server issues or problems with players are taken into account, any issues you have or problems that...
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    RESONATE: Hardcore Survival aims to give you the ultimate challenge as a survival game is supposed to. You're not a trained military commander and will feel hopeless and in danger at first, but eventually become a super-soldier by gaining experience in hunting, aiming and using Exo-Skeleton...
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    Great server PvE & PvP zone WINTER Forsaken Lands |PvE/PvP| BBP+CARS+WEAPONS+HELIS+EVENTS (CHERNARUS)

    Forsaken Lands |PvE/PvP| BBP+CARS+WEAPONS+HELIS+EVENTS (CHERNARUS) IP - Looking for a server??? Look no further, We have a PvE server with PVP zones, Looking for that classic Dayz survival feeling with added MODS, Custom areas, Custom Traders, Vanilla Building & BBP...
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    H2H Community is looking for mature dayz players for the pc server!

    Hello everyone my name is H2H Nighthawk and I am representing the H2H community. H2H is a community founded by H2H Keyzer who is the developer and server owner as well. We have everything you could possibly need for a great dayz experience! From custom traders and loot tables to factions it is...
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    The Walking Z Livonia Expansions PvP server

    brand new server with expansions mod working and loads more come cheek us out and join the fun. Now with custom helicopters and airdrops for Livonia.
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    The Walking Z Livonia Expansions PvP

    brand new server with expansions mod working and loads more come cheek us out and join the fun
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    dayz expansions server brand new

    come try my new server just started on livonia all welcome
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    The Walking Z

    <<<MODS>>> Treasure MuchCarKey_V2 Gold Nuggets MuchDecos Forever_Lights_and_Campfires Devils Dandruff CannabisPlus AirRaid The Walking Z loading BuilderItems MunghardsItempack Base Fortifications MuchStuffPack Code Lock UsefulBatteries No Shoe Damage BuildAnywhere...
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    UC ELITE SERVER New Server on Livonia

    WE ARE NOW LIVE !!!!! [The UC Elite ]Server is now live everyone this it the server to be on !! we are going to be the number 1 server to play everything form PVP/PVE/TEAM PLAY/STREAMERS AND MORE !!!! Mod List :ATM :BASEBUILDINGPLUS ;TWEAKRAIDINGTOOLS ;BLACKMARKET ;DRUGS ;UNLIMITEDSTAMINA...