dayz server

  1. L

    DayZ Hardcore Survival Active Admins: The Cul De Sac

    Welcome to The Cul De Sac, High, but Balanced loot, High zombies, Base building and PvP is encouraged, Active Admins, Events, and plenty of good times to be had. Suggestions for the server is open, please feel free to join the server's Discord here: and let us know...
  2. Metropolis

    Lone Survivor DayZ |PVP|Modded|1PP|Trader|Weed Dealer|Loot|Custom Black Market's|Grind Experience|Future Development|

    Lone Survivor DayZ: © 2019 - A first person server with no limits! Approximately 2 months of developing. >>Discord<< Are you looking for a nice and grindy experience in DayZ? This is the right server for you. This server rewards people who put the time into playing on our server. The more you...
  3. X


    We are please to announce we have our own DayZ Server! It comes with a bunch of features. We also require the use of the DayZ Standalone Launcher Tired of the $Unt$ beside everything in the game? Not on our server! We also have high Loot, No stamina and more Guns! Hope you guys decided to give...
  4. M

    DayZ - German Community Server 1 [LOOT++/NO STAM/PVP/-E]

    German Community Server 1 [LOOT++/NO STAM/PVP/-E] by COCA&MOJO IP: Features included: Added new Playerspawn Increased Loot Spawn Added Additional Loot to the Loottable (more Attachments, more Clothes, etc...) Unlimited Sprint (No stamina use for Sprinting) Server Restart...