DayZ Hardcore Survival Active Admins: The Cul De Sac


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Welcome to The Cul De Sac, High, but Balanced loot, High zombies, Base building and PvP is encouraged, Active Admins, Events, and plenty of good times to be had. Suggestions for the server is open, please feel free to join the server's Discord here: and let us know what you think.

Currently the server mods are: CF, MoreGuns, Fidov Pack 4, Munghards Itempack, Code Lock, DayZ-Expansion-Chat, VanillaPlusPlusMap, Community-Online-Tools, BuildAnywhere, Op_BaseItems, DS_IncreasedStamina, PvZmod_Tweaked_Zombies, Summer_Chernarus, No Shoe Damage, Mass'sManyItemOverhaul, PvZmoD_Spawn_System, and GAZ_Tigr

Server IP:

Server Port::7115

See you there!