1. A

    Vehicles not spawning

    Hi Everyone, I am using the Pwnoz0r private hive dayz mod server files, which are excellent. We have been having a great time on the server and the files make most things easy to do thanks to the guide. However i have come across a problem and wondered whether you could help, basically the...
  2. Z

    Private Server Kicking players or Session Lost

    Ok guys, this is racking my brain. Ill set a few things first This is not my first rodeo. I have privately hosted servers long before Epoch. Then i got bored. Currently im hosting an Epoch with Overwatch server (Overpoch) Here is my current Server launch bat: (working) " start...
  3. Microb

    Server loading if no players.

    Hello. I don't know if it's related to scripting but anyway. I've noticed that servers are not showing up in server lists if there are no players inside, so there is a problem-after my dayz servers restarts people can't get inside until I or somebody else using side programs to connect or using...