1. NinjaInGreen

    Гайд по настройке сервера 1.8.9 для Linux

    Ребята, есть где-нибудь в природе подобное? Видел гайды по старым версиям, но либо не полные, либо реально устаревшие. Есть дедик, есть желание создать свою песочницу, на Windows VPS не хочу. Закачал содержимое своих папок Arma 2 + Arma 2:OA а сервак, дальше всё весьма туманно.
  2. Afterburn

    Waiting for server to start authentication

    Hello, I'm trying to set up a Epoch Chernarus server using the latest client and server files provided by I am able to join the lobby but when the game starts I get stuck at the 'Waiting for server to start authentication' message. I've tried several methods to fix this issue: -...
  3. J

    Infistar AntiHack Errors

    Recently acquired a overpoch server from survivalservers and it has been nothing but trouble. Error after error. I managed to fix them all but there is one i cannot get passed. 12:30:32 " AntiHack - Waiting for bis_fnc_init..." 12:30:32 " AntiHack - bis_fnc_init done -...
  4. C

    How to add tanks to traders? [Please Help]

    So I want to add tanks to my hero and bandit traders but when I try to they dont show up in the buy menu. I have followed all the tutorials I can and still they are fucking up.
  5. C

    Dayz Overpoch Purchased Vehicles not spawning.

    On my server when you purchase vehicles it says it gives you a key, then the arrow pops up, but no vehicle spawns.
  6. B

    I have a DayzRP Server

    Hey guys my friend and i have recently created a DayzRP server called DayzDrift. We are currently looking for people to whitelist so that we can assure that people will play on it. It is not yet open on the game but will be once 17+ people have applied. The website is '' very simple...
  7. S

    DayZ 1.8.7 Custom Loot Table Support?

    Hello, curious if there are any active DayZ hosts anymore! Ha, its June 2016 and I am trying to get one up and running for myself and my friends. Problem is we have no real interest in base building and it would be nice to clean up some of that useless loot. Using the original guide on OpenDayZ...
  8. A

    Vehicles not spawning

    Hi Everyone, I am using the Pwnoz0r private hive dayz mod server files, which are excellent. We have been having a great time on the server and the files make most things easy to do thanks to the guide. However i have come across a problem and wondered whether you could help, basically the...
  9. Z

    Private Server Kicking players or Session Lost

    Ok guys, this is racking my brain. Ill set a few things first This is not my first rodeo. I have privately hosted servers long before Epoch. Then i got bored. Currently im hosting an Epoch with Overwatch server (Overpoch) Here is my current Server launch bat: (working) " start...
  10. Microb

    Server loading if no players.

    Hello. I don't know if it's related to scripting but anyway. I've noticed that servers are not showing up in server lists if there are no players inside, so there is a problem-after my dayz servers restarts people can't get inside until I or somebody else using side programs to connect or using...