1. A

    ApocZ Roleplaying (Factions) (Discord) (Roles) (PVP) (PVE) Xbox One

    Hello everyone, we are a 3 month old 30 slots F2P server, looking for new players to come and join. We have a discord set up for you to join. https://discord.gg/pFypQGD Currently we have only one faction to join. But you are more then welcome to make one on the discord. We also have countless...
  2. Pwn

    Open DayZ Discord Server

    In light of DayZ Standalone releasing server files, we have created a Discord Server for everyone to join! Snippet from the #rules section of the server: 1. Don't be a dick 2. Use your common sense 3. Use appropriate channels 4. Keep the discussion relevant 5. Be helpful to all community...
  3. Zupa

    ZBot - BattlEye Rcon Discord Bot

    ZBot ( An experimental project. ) -> For any BattlEye rcon game supported! Current version: 1.0.1 A Discord bot that can roam your Discord server and function as an RCON client for your BattlEye game servers. Screenshots at the bottom. What can it do? Print all chats in different discord...