1. H

    Working AI Bandits and Soldier Patrols! Blue Collar DayZ

    (US) - PC – Chernarusplus - Blue Collar DayZ|AI|PVP/PVE|Casino|Heli|PVP Raid|Vehicles|Drugs Come join us on Blue Collar DayZ for a different survival experience. We have working AI patrols! Come test your skills against AI bandits and soldiers that are accurate and deadly. Events are held by...
  2. B

    AZ DayZ | PS | US/EU | Loot +++ | SS9 Trader | Weekend Raidz | Chernarus | Livonia

    Thank you for considering AZ DayZ! Looking for a place to call home? Look no further AZ DayZ has a place for you! Looking for factions to come setup shop. Looking to get some battles happening!! ||||||||||| ️Chernarus/Livonia Server LIVE |||||||||||| Some things our servers includes are; -...
  3. M

    [WIP] New PC DayZ Server looking for population [USA/PVE] Big Game Z Hunter #1

    Big Game Z Hunter Discord Big Game Z Hunter Website Big Game Z Hunter PVE server Server Name = [USA/PVE] Big Game Z Hunter #1 Servers are PVE, PC only...
  4. Maracuja247

    White Peak Gaming

    Dedicated server hosted PC PVE Maps from Chernarus to Deer Isle, Banov and Namalsk. White peaks has been active for over 2 years and is supported by a good player base and always looking for new players to our community. Discord and Active Admins, Giveaways on Discord and Events at weekend's...
  5. T

    1.15 WIPED |SpookyLand|Trader|2x loot|Party system|select spawn|FACTIONS

    Hey everyone, This is a new dayz server and i want you to check us out and give us feed back... we have a discord server and if you would like to join it -> https://discord.gg/N8H2XFxCqQ im looking for more staff members!! ALSO IM MAKING A SQUID GAME EVENT!! JOIN US
  6. M

    [PC] *NEW* Gen Apocalypse 31 | DeerIsle | 50kStart | Boosted Loot++ | Mods+ | Helis |Vehicles | & more

    # Welcome to Gen Apocalypse 31 ! # About us: = We are still a pretty NEW server = This server has been worked on alot for about 2 months but we opened up in late september! The playstyle here is to spend some time on the server. For example grinding, setting up bases & more... Wiping is...
  7. SgtBudz

    Xbox Server “7x Loot” High Loot, Factions, No Wipes!

    Looking For a fun Xbox server? Look no further! “7x Loot”Community Server is thriving and growing everyday! Active Factions/PvP/High Loot! Out of the 8 available armband colors for factions we have 4 colors taken “Blue, White, Pink and Black” Will you be the next leader to pick up one of the...
  8. P

    Plague | Extra Loot | PvP + PvE

    Server name: Plague | Extra Loot | PvP + PvE Address: ★ High Loot ★ PvP + PvE ★ Quality of Life Mods ★ Vanilla-Style ★ Active, Helpful Admins ★ Better Starter Kit ★ Unlimited Stamina ★ In-game Mini-map ★ In-game and Discord Kill-Feed https://discord.gg/FWSFc55VuV
  9. M

    [NEW] Refined RP [Custom Traders, KOS Zones] discord.gg/refinedrp

    Here at Refined we are all about good old fashion DayZ role-play and fun. From hunting in your favorite section of Charnarus's massive forests, to killing zombies and maybe the occasional person to protect yourself in these harsh wastelands, to even sitting by a fire with your pals. We want to...
  10. M

    - PS4/5 | Southernsurvivor.SS Livonia | 80xLOOT | Bases | Heli crashes | Discord

    ꧁ S O U T H E R N S U R V I V O R ꧂ ꧁ L I V O N I A ꧂ -GROWING COMMUNITY- ————————————————— ☑️PS4/5 - EU/US ☑️ 32 Slots for now 3️⃣2️⃣ ☑️ SouthernSurvivor.SS Livonia ✅ https://discord.gg/b6qxwFBheV ☑️ Discord for information about TRADER‼️...
  11. T

    [PC] The Ravagers |200k Start|Trader|Loot ++|Guns +| Bounty|KingOfTheHill|ClanBanking|Leaderboards

    We are a new and fast growing DayZ community. We're looking for dedicated players to call our server home. What we offer: - Custom Balota Airstrip! - Custom NEAF Airstrip - Black Market - Drug Trader - King of the Hill - More Weapons - 24/7 Discord support We just opened a new Chernarus...
  12. L

    Extinction RP

    **__Extinction RP__** Map: Chernarus Slots: 32 Mods: All camo weapons, swords, weed ect. Play style: RP/PvE/PvP Perspective: FPP Discord: Yes Restarts: Every 6hrs Day / Night: 2hr Day & 30m Night Whitelist: Yes Mouse & Keyboard: No Wiped: 25th July Platform: Xbox Misc. Info • Base raiding -...
  13. C

    Requiem DayZ Server - Xbox ONLY - Fully working Discord

    Welcome to Requiem DayZ We are a new DayZ server with a few mods to improve quality of life and add a new dynamic to the base game. We use the Livonia map and have 3 main factions in our server which are seperated from base raiding and compete in the killfeed leaderboards against each other...
  14. S

    FORSAKEN LANDS (New Server Hardcore Vanilla style with minimal added MODS) PVP & PVE Zones

    Hello Everyone, just thought I would drop by, a server that is Fresh and near complete if your looking for that classic Dayz Hardcore survival feeling with a few minimal extra added MODS please check out [UK] Forsaken Lands giving you some PVP & PVE Experience , PvP zone North of the river, PvE...
  15. S

    New Server!! The Walking Z

    The Walking Z | LOOT++ | ATM | PvP ZONES | 5K START | TRADERS | hello everyone this server is a PC server based in the uk. we have a small player base right now but were looking for more people to make it fill up and create bases. when you join as a new survivor you will start with 5K and when...
  16. L


    New Chernarus+ server, active Admins, friendly community. Jogging Zombies, increased spawns, No base raids PvP events & community days. Come say hi on our Discord https://discord.gg/BHC48U we can't wait to meet you! MOD's List currently on server -BulletStacksPlusPlus -Specialist Weapon Pack...
  17. S

    (NEW) The Walking Z DayZ Server PC

    Hello everyone i have started a new server, we are welcoming new players to join in the fun! some stuff to know about our server! Server Name:The Walking Z | LOOT+++ | ATM | PvP | 5K START | TRADERS | BASE BUILD + This server is a PVP server, we have active admins. heavily modded server where...
  18. A

    ApocZ Roleplaying (Factions) (Discord) (Roles) (PVP) (PVE) Xbox One

    Hello everyone, we are a 3 month old 30 slots F2P server, looking for new players to come and join. We have a discord set up for you to join. https://discord.gg/pFypQGD Currently we have only one faction to join. But you are more then welcome to make one on the discord. We also have countless...
  19. Pwn

    Open DayZ Discord Server

    In light of DayZ Standalone releasing server files, we have created a Discord Server for everyone to join! Snippet from the #rules section of the server: 1. Don't be a dick 2. Use your common sense 3. Use appropriate channels 4. Keep the discussion relevant 5. Be helpful to all community...