Requiem DayZ Server - Xbox ONLY - Fully working Discord


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Welcome to Requiem DayZ

We are a new DayZ server with a few mods to improve quality of life and add a new dynamic to the base game. We use the Livonia map and have 3 main factions in our server which are seperated from base raiding and compete in the killfeed leaderboards against each other.

We also allow lonewolves and small non faction groups on server, these members may engage in base raids against each other.

Having this faction and non faction system allows everyone joining our server to get the best of both worlds and play the way they want.

Some of the mods we have added:
- Increased loot spawns for important items.
- More Heli Crash spawns.
- Longer day cycle and shorter Night cycle.
- Active Killfeed on the Discord with Leaderboards.
- Sword melee weapon added.
- All weapons have 80% chance of spawning with loaded mag.
- All mags will spawn 50-100% loaded.

We will look at adding further mods to our server if they become popular suggestions.

We approve our members via whitelist applications forms to ensure those on server respect each other and play by our rules. We want to build a friendly and fun community here so if this sounds like a server that would suit you, join up and enter Requiem!

Discord -