DayZ 1.8.7 Custom Loot Table Support?

Hello, curious if there are any active DayZ hosts anymore! Ha, its June 2016 and I am trying to get one up and running for myself and my friends. Problem is we have no real interest in base building and it would be nice to clean up some of that useless loot. Using the original guide on OpenDayZ for and 1.8 I was able to properly setup what I consider to be the majority of what I might need to do to get this to work. I have concluded that the new system of loot in DayZ Mod 1.8.7 uses "groups" and "buildings" in order to specify loot table information, groups handles what is spawning and buildings handles where (naturally). Those two files seem to rely on CfgLoot.hpp and LootDefines.hpp, ok no problem I used Description.ext to #define CfgLoot and adjusted every visible instance of " _Config = configFile" to " _Config = missionconfigFile" my folder structure is highlighted in the screenshot. Am I missing something obvious? Any files that aren't present in the 1.8/ guide are no longer existent in DayZ_Code. If someone has this working, I would greatly appreciate the help.

Also just so its clear, currently if I launch the server, zombies ARE spawning, loot isn't. Not exactly sure what that signifies but hey...
I did it by myself through a lot of trial and error. I am going to make a written and video guide in a day or so. It's possible to have custom loot on DayZ 1.8.7!