1. xNomZx

    [SWS] SW Survival|1PP|Hordes|Toxic|Traders|Bases|Squads

    We are a new UK based community, starting out on the DayZ server scene. Collectively we have years of DayZ mod and Vanilla DayZ SA experience basing everything from the original DayZ Origins mod. We are focused on a community based server so any idea is welcome and we want it to be the best it...
  2. G

    Insomniacs Community Server

    Dear DayZ Gamers, Finally after a long time waiting for DayZ to get relevant again they gave us modding! [ger/eu] - Multiple active admins Since the release of the game me and my friends have been playing like madlads. Today i am happy to announce that our server is online and stable...
  3. xtrmsnpr

    Kir Terpos Playground Epoch|DAY/NIGHT|Startkit|Custom events

    Hello to all. So, the old company from {grof communty} is back,this time away from that clan.We are operating by ourselves and we have opened a new dayz mod epoch server! And we want you to join us and have fun! It runs 24/7 Server IP...