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Hello fellow survivors! Are you seeking an RP/PVP DayZ experience that you'll crave more of every day? A nontoxic community that integrates any kind of player? A modded server that configures your survivability to a new level? This is just the server for that! We are accepting both veteran and fresh DayZ players! There's never a shortage of action here in End Times
DayZ v2 with:

* Individually boosted and modded loot economy
* Increased weapon and ammo spawns ❗
* Active Factions ⚔️
* Mid-week raiding ☣️
* Increased food spawns
* Increased Car Spawns
* Mid week PVP Events
* Custom Spawn Location
* Unreleased or Removed Items/Weapons Readded
* Separate RP Zone, Safe Zone,Blue zone and K.O.S Zone
* Factions⚜️
* Recently added cash bot currency system
* Increased and relocated predator spawns
* Modded in items
* Boosted Helicopter Crash Spawn Rate
* Custom Zombies
* Reduced Raiding Tools Spawn
* Increased Base Building Tools Spawn
* Community Events
* Community Challenges
* No buried stashes❌
* Boosted Zombie Spawns
* Dedicated Raiding Weekends
* Preset Purge Hours‍☠️
* Interactive Community
* Feedback Oriented Server Updates✍
* Instantaneous Verification and Server Whitelisting
* Constant Updates
* Active Staff Support
* 50 Slot Server
* Medium to High Playerbase 24/7 and much, much, much, much more! ✅

Fully reworked and freshly wiped!

Join today at https://discord.gg/rSKV9nZ to get your new experience started right away!