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Dear DayZ Gamers,

Finally after a long time waiting for DayZ to get relevant again they gave us modding!

[ger/eu] - Multiple active admins

Since the release of the game me and my friends have been playing like madlads.
Today i am happy to announce that our server is online and stable.

Currently we are hosting DayZ Vanilla. Our first livetest with mods will be this weekend (05.01.2019).

We are currently running a stable offline Server with the following mods:
- Weapon Redux
- Traders
- BuildAnywhere
- NoBaseDestruction
- RPC Framework with ZomBerry's AdminTools

Some Items like pink hats or dresses have been removed from the spawncycles to give space for Redux weapons and ammo.
Offroads always spawn with hood,tunk and headlights to remove these items from standart economy.
More customizations have been made to the spawn prioritys and the distribution on the map.
We will include more light weapons in costal areas to give new players a better chance.
init.c has been modified to give you better starter gear ( more consumables, small backpack, ..)
We will actively update our server and do small changes to the economy after a month of live-testing.

We are currently only hosting these mods because we think they are mandatory to make the DayZ 1.0 feeling a lot better but still keep the tension of DayZ PvP and PvE Survival.

To join our Server you will need the DayZ launcher and a subscription to every mod i mentioned above.

Future plans:
- customisation on vehicles. Trying to add V3S and Bus
- IncreasedLumen
- KillFeed
- Insomniacs exclusive custom map ( planned for summer 2019 )
- custom weapons
- and more on community requests.

IP: Port:2302 TeamSpeak:
Hosted in Germany
Visit our Website [] or Forum [] for details about the commuity or news from the serveradmins.

- no rule to be on teamspeak but it will help you (especially new players)
- no PVP in Trader Safezones
- do not abuse voicechat
- keep it calm/clean and respect each other
- KOS is allowed but good RPs are also an option
- no basebuilding directly at NWA or Tisybase! (we will delete the bases so please think first)