Kir Terpos Playground Epoch|DAY/NIGHT|Startkit|Custom events


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Hello to all.

So, the old company from {grof communty} is back,this time away from that clan.We are operating by ourselves and we have opened a new dayz mod epoch server!

And we want you to join us and have fun!
It runs 24/7

Server IP:

Kir Terpos Playground Epoch|DAY/NIGHT|Startkit|Custom events

Map: Chernarus




In order to join the server, you need to download through DZlauncher these files:

dayz mod 1.9.0
dayz Epoch

and of course ARMA 2OA beta patch (obsolete) through STEAM.


Server will restart every 6hours (no notification yet).
Server will backup database every 8hours.

Server has custom random events.
Server has day/night circle (UTC+6)
You start with custom gear,ready for PVP with a shiny m9SD and some surprises as well.

@Sandbird is an extra feature to this server :D
Discord for you:

Welcome all,and we hope you like it.

kir terpos aka kir menios aka xtrmsnpr