Join Chernarus Law CPD Community Server

Hello everyone we are looking for players, groups, or factions to join our new community and populate our DayZ PC server which is getting lots of good player feedback

“Chernarus Law” Dedicated DayZ Expansion Server

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Each server set to its own play style


Search : Chernarus Law



Gameplay video:

We have a realistic and tasteful mod list but nothing crazy just more guns and sensible vehicles.

The economy in our server is based mostly on weapons trading, hunting, fishing, collecting silver and gold, drugs, bounty hunting, zombie/player kill streak rewards, and special announced admin events such as point A to B Police Convoy Ambush, PVP Gladiator Arena, Criminal VIP Jailbreak, and more. To ad a twist we try to make events relate to each other so that our server follows a storyline. Also the outcome of the event might affect the environment and or economy to give players a real living, breathing environment that reacts to players actions. There are safezone weapon traders, no safe zone black market, and a mini safezone hunting trader for furs, meat, and survival gear all with enforced camping restrictions. In Chernarus Law we aim to create a living breathing law enforcement, criminal, survivalist community.

The CPD members have rules of engagement and can not just kill bc they want to. CPD can kill if a player is carrying a gun in hand and feels threatened. Otherwise CPD has to initiate interaction with players before any action is taken. Players do not have to RP and can kill cops whenever

We don’t allow blatant toxicity

Weekend only raids

We have base spawn flag kits available for 300k

All admins are over 18 years old, mature and do not abuse power