1. K


    PLEASE READ: If you have a VAC/GAME/EAC Ban under 500 days you are not allowed on this Server. Things to do currently: KOTH/OILRIGS/AIRDROPS and STRONGHOLDS. DayZ Expansion is added so all things that includes. 1.Map is Chernarus 2.We have active admins on offering support for those who need...
  2. T

    New Haven Survival |Livonia|Vanilla gameplay|Mods|; Vanilla style gameplay with mods, Surival focus with pvp

    Hey you, who are looking for a lightly modded, but still Vanilla like experience! We proudly present to you, New Haven Survival! Here in New Haven Survival Livonia we aim for a vanilla type experience wich is enriched by a couple of mods. The server aims for a survival experience, like the...
  3. L

    Groups in Chernarus Law PC PVP Server Looking Players

    Hello everyone we are looking for players, groups, and streamers to join our DayZ PC community “Chernarus Law” Dedicated DayZ Expansion Server Check out also our other DayZ servers: Esseker Law Namalsk Law US PC 1PP PVP Search : Chernarus Law IP
  4. Wool

    Project Omega-Story Driven Interactions-Hard Core Survival-PC-Chenarus(With map edits)

    Project Omega Welcoming to anyone looking for a while new challenge and experience to survival in Dayz! This is an immersion-based server, the goal of which is to play heavily into the survival aspect of Dayz while weaving stories from it. Through a collective effort, everyone strives to keep...
  5. L

    Merry Christmas and Happy New Years

    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from Chernarus Law CPD Servers. We hope it’s a good one for everyone. We have some events in line for anyone that would like to call our PC servers home. Our servers have a cops, criminals, and law abiding civilians type feel with lots of personalized events...
  6. L

    Join Chernarus Law CPD Community Server

    Hello everyone we are looking for players, groups, or factions to join our new community and populate our DayZ PC server which is getting lots of good player feedback “Chernarus Law” Dedicated DayZ Expansion Server Check out also our other DayZ servers: Deer Isle Law Esseker Law...
  7. M

    [PC] *NEW* Gen Apocalypse 31 | DeerIsle | 50kStart | Boosted Loot++ | Mods+ | Helis |Vehicles | & more

    # Welcome to Gen Apocalypse 31 ! # About us: = We are still a pretty NEW server = This server has been worked on alot for about 2 months but we opened up in late september! The playstyle here is to spend some time on the server. For example grinding, setting up bases & more... Wiping is...
  8. L

    New DayZ Server looking for players and groups to help us popoulate. Join “Chernarus Law” PC Server

    Hello everyone we are looking for players, groups, or factions to join our new community and populate our DayZ PC server which is getting lots of good player feedback “Chernarus Law” Dedicated DayZ Expansion Server NEW US PC 1PP PVP Search : Chernarus Law IP
  9. K

    Rebel's Retreat, Brand new modded DayZ server!

    Rebel's Retreat is a brand new modded DayZ server and we're currently looking for players to come help us beta test it, so we can polish the server! It's 100% fresh wipe, with active admins. Search for "Rebels retreat" in the DZSA Launcher or join via ip: If you got any...
  10. Violent-Zed

    Violent DayZ | PvP | 3xLoot | 100k Start | C4RaidOnly | Traders | CustomMods

    ■ Violent DayZ aims to find and bring balance between realism and fun. ↳ Hand picked mods aimed to improve the quality of life! ↳ Hand picked mods aimed to bring a lot of diversity and engagement on our servers! ↳ Join our DISCORD! ■ Main themes are PvP, Raiding and active Community! ↳...
  11. KevDsn

    Archon PvE - DeerIsle, Chernarus, Banov - PC | DISCORD | Loot | Hunt | Drugs | Boats | Helis | Missions | Hordes | BBP | Many mods | Helpful Admins

    SERVER IP: - PvE Chernarus SERVER IP: - PvE DeerIsle SERVER IP: - PvE Banov (NOW OPEN) DISCORD: Click HERE to visit us on Discord Now on a fully dedicated high spec server Having played on many DayZ...
  12. W

    SHTF - Can you Survive (PS4/5-Chernarus-PvP-Hardcore Survival)

    We specialise in making things tough, if you are after a survival experience with like minded players and are fed up of boosted servers that water down the experience then give us a try! DISCORD: •Hardcore Survival - 24/7 PvP •Zombies tailored for 1.12. •Hugely...
  13. M

    [NEW] Refined RP [Custom Traders, KOS Zones]

    Here at Refined we are all about good old fashion DayZ role-play and fun. From hunting in your favorite section of Charnarus's massive forests, to killing zombies and maybe the occasional person to protect yourself in these harsh wastelands, to even sitting by a fire with your pals. We want to...
  14. S


    HooahNation-NA-ModdedVehicles/HighLoot-ModdedWeapons-Trader-PVP Join a brand new North America (East Coast) PvP Server! 50 slots Factions Trader Modded Weapons Map Groups Compass/Bearings High Loot High base material Tons of new modded things! Active admins High Vehicle spawns Custom Loadout...
  15. M

    PS4 ”Southmade.SS” I High Loot I Full & fixed cars I PVP/PVE I Base Building

    Hello fellow survivors you’re all welcome to join my new community server for Dayz on the PS4. If you like to have the survival instinct but with little more loot and a lot of base building, cars in most villages, just so you don’t feel like your into a empty vehicles world. you should check...
  16. T

    [PC West Coast] Fireside Namalsk 1pp [Hardcore Vanilla+ | Adventure | Igloos | ER7 Gauss]

    We are an adventure/survival-focused vanilla+ DayZ server. We strive to provide a fair experience, tweaking only small things from the vanilla experience. At the moment we don't have heavy modifications or custom ones. At the moment everything will be left as is on Namalsk. We will make quality...
  17. xNomZx

    [SWS] SW Survival|1PP|Hordes|Toxic|Traders|Bases|Squads

    We are a new UK based community, starting out on the DayZ server scene. Collectively we have years of DayZ mod and Vanilla DayZ SA experience basing everything from the original DayZ Origins mod. We are focused on a community based server so any idea is welcome and we want it to be the best it...
  18. X


    IP: Fully moded server with 0 lag. Friendly community, starter pack (if needed) Some starting cash in ATM @ GreenMountain Trader Events 24/7 Event trader, hostile trader, rare item trader, base building trader all around the map Bear packs The server its newly opened but...
  19. Giaxpard


    Welcome Survivors! DayZ Survival Rp: Livonia is a EN/EU roleplay and survival server. This means that find and collect food a and medical supplies will be more difficult than on other servers. Shoot/kill on sight other players: Not allowed except for the KoS-PvP areas (around every military...
  20. Microb


    Hello OpenDayZ! Just a quick post about I finally got stable DayZ SA server up and running. Server is client mod free and there is nothing that ruins hardcore survival gameplay like traders, safezones and crap like that. Server Name: MAD GUNNERS LAND [EU/RU] [1PP/HARDCORE] @ Server...