How to add grouping to DayZ vanilla

Before we go any further. You didnt say you were running DayZ. IF you are running some Epoch version, you just have to enable it. If you are using DayZ, read on.

LOL .. for the life of me I couldnt recall what it was called. DZGM. It looks to me like pulling the code out of the repack all you would have to do is insert this code into your keyboard.sqf or dayz_spaceinterrupt.sqf ... whichever the case may be.

if ((_dikCode == 0xDB) or (_dikCode == 0xDC)) then {
    if (tagname) then {tagname = false;} else {tagname = true;};
if (_dikCode in actionKeys "TacticalView") then {
    execVM "scripts\dzgm\noTactical.sqf";

if (_dikCode == 0x9D) then {
     if (dialog) then {closeDialog 0;groupManagementActive = false;} else {execVM "scripts\dzgm\loadGroupManagement.sqf";};
Download the repack and then copy the dzgm folder from the mission\scripts folder into your mission\scripts folder. In your init.sqf call the scripts\dzgm\init.sqf
DZGMScript = true;           
execVM "scripts\dzgm\init.sqf";
In the dzgm files you will need to replace the Epoch variables with the Dayz variables such as this line at the top of scripts\dzgm\init.sqf
waitUntil {uiSleep 0.25;(!isNil "PVDZE_plr_LoginRecord")};
would be replaced with
waitUntil {uiSleep 0.25;(!isNil "PVDZ_plr_LoginRecord")};

I looked quickly at the github files and nothing else jumped out at me.