AI despawning while players are near


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The AI will spawn and patrol as normal but after about 2 minutes of them being active, they disappear out of their helicopters and the ground patrols disappear. I believe the eventually respawn but that doesnt do me a lot of good when they are there protecting valuable loot. I'm guessing it may have something to do with dayz cleanup script perhaps, but not 100%

That is my server.rpt


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bunch of,errors,saying possible,side hack for,the ai.,, look for that line in your files and see if,it,kills or,deletes,the,units. xoesnt say,so,in the logs ... but never,know.
can check later tonight at home


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I dont actually have a server then or now so never had anyone to test it with. I am playing with a server now, will load it up and see if we can reconfigure the output.

as for your dzai errors.
You have some despawning messages .. here is group O which is at castle3 custom spawn.
  1. 12:12:44 "DZAI Debug: Deleting static group O 1-1-F."
  2. 12:12:45 "DZAI Debug: Deleting static group O 1-1-G."

Here is that group being created
  1. 12:10:27 "DZAI Extended Debug: Spawned AI Type Bandit1_DZ with weapongrade 3 for group O 1-1-G (fnc_createGroup)."
  2. 12:10:27 "DZAI Extended Debug: Group O 1-1-G has group size 2."
  3. 12:10:27 "DZAI Debug: Spawned a group of 2 units in 0.00802612 seconds at castle3 (Custom Spawn)."
So as you can see, they were deleted 2:20 after being created just like you said. So the question is: Are DZAI static spawns supposed to be present even without player presence? Or do they spawn in only when players are nearby in which case this could be normal as a player flew overhead maybe.
I saw no sign of the Dayz cleanup removing the AI, only the DZAI cleanup. This sounds familiar and I think it was addressed by Buttface a few months ago.

Without actual errors being produced, it is some logic error that is deleting units prematurely.
Have you tried re-installing the latest version ?

If you upload your dayz_mission and dayz_server I can try to see what is going on.