All actual DayZ Mods are getting extremely borring

I do agree with the premise that we need more old and abused models instead of shiny new sports cars or tanks. We need the post-apocalyptic models, the vehicles with welded on steel plates.
Thats how i meant to describe "new content".

Some of your ideas are contradictory: Look at items 2 and 2.1, you want to REMOVE bloodbags and morphine. Then you want to create a model and scripts to allow one single item to do EXACTLY what the items you removed were doing. How about just modifying how bloodbags and morphine?
I meant a medical kit with antibiotic saline. Rugs for bandages, wooden sticks for morphine so legs heal after an amount of time when fixed with it, saline (medical kit) for blood bags.

And what about #4, that is EXACTLY what the current vehicle spawn system does. Once a vehicle is destoyed, it is respawned.
The origins vehicle spawn system is different from the regular one, cars do spawn with a static amount at static locations when destroyed or in debug area. I dont like the randomized effect too much.
Specially in epoch you actually find people hoarding 20+ cars in bigger bases, there should always be a fight for those but nobody cars if they are bought/locked.

#3.2 is what food does now, just modify the values you want.
Also wrong - in the regular DayZ mod food gives you alot more health (was 300 or so) at once. Also you find by far too much food. Most players pick up 3-4 cans/tins and ignore the rest. Thats not how this should work in a survival mod.
Many mods tried to establish this "rare amount" of food/drinks and failed due to lack of players, i do know that very well.

Anyways, we all anxiously await your new map and the awesome Dayz experience it will provide.!!
All hail markus88, the saviour of Dayz! ;)
Better dont hail me, im from austria ;)
My point about the items like food was that the systems are already in place but they need-can be edited to suit the server.
I agree that food is too common, also a simple matter of adjusting the spawn loot scripts. My past server and my WIP server have ZERO canned food. I have the theory that the shelves would empty quickly and without the factories running there would be none after a short time. So players have to spend time hunting and camping ... which provides an engaging activity.
Many mods tried to establish this "rare amount" of food/drinks and failed due to lack of players, i do know that very well.
That is the quandry, many players WANT an easy experience, tons of loot and vehicles/weapons/food/gear just laying around for the choosing. But it doesn't necessarily improve the game experience.
Mbnq was explaining to you that his server is what he wants and is configured perfectly for his purposes. Because that is not an overly popular configuration with players and therefore he doesn't have 50-70 players online constantly, that does not mean he "failed". If the server is setup to work the way its intended then its a success.

I do think your ideas of the buildings are a step in the right direction and would help create a 'new' and 'unique' experience on Chernarus. Even if the admin creates all kinds of extra cities and 'Points of Interest', they are static to that server. The player built houses/compounds would be unique and ever changing. As you explore the map you would come across someones fortress or house that wasn't there last week. Possible large scale villages created by groups of players also. I really don't know what the answer is about protecting the gear inside your player built village or camp. You want other players to be able to explore the area but you also can't have everything sitting out in the open to get stolen. Probably some type of locked doors would be best, the gear is still at danger but has some protection. And a method of AI security that was started in Base Building 1.3 would go a long way. Like a warning to stay away from the gear storage area and players would have to kill the guards if they wanted to try and break into the building and steal the gear. As long as the player didn't approach the guarded storage area, the guards would be friendly (until they get shot at).

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Well i guess I will share my two cents as well :p

IMO the problem with DayZ is the devs. They don't seem to understand that to be successful at game creating you must actually FIX THINGS. Not let them continue to plague the game. Rocket was more interested in getting rich from hacks and being popular. After he left the mod development he handed it over to a bunch of "Rockets" lol. Please do not refute this claim as it is quite obvious they only care about money and status. I have spent more time creating hotfixes for my servers that the devs could have done if they actually did some R&D but they apparently prefer to do things with only half of their arses. Another part of this problem is the plethora of mods that are being released with nothing more than some extra weapons and maybe a few skins and cars. Not sure how that qualifies as anything more than another download session from DayZ Commander or Play with 6 that takes FOREVER because people don't seem to want to host quality web servers. This game has the potential, yes even the mod, to be an amazing game. However; people seem to once again be more interested in who wants to play their version of the game and how much money it will bring them. IMO the public hive was a ridiculous addition that allowed server hopping of the most extreme levels, allowing hackers and "players" to combat log from one server to the next. Im glad private servers killed it. It started as a community game and should have stayed that way, especially with the standalone, oops I mean Arma 3 Dayz Mod, because lets face is nothing more than rockets hacks with pure Arma assets.

Hey the new patch is out...oh wait....its got serious glitches and bugs. You know, those things the devs seem to not care about? Yeah those things. 1.8.1 came out and not even a week later they had a new patch being compiled. Seriously?! Many of the issues that hinder this mod or game w/e you call it could be resolved by people actually giving a sh*t about what they are creating.

And yes this game has become the most boring thing ever now. How many variants of one gun make a game enjoyable, I mean seriously guys. Not to mention the spawn rates and ridiculous content that is added with every new mod. WoW for example, yeah its fun, sure. Man i need to grind for gold to buy stuff.....oh wait I mean Epoch. Yeah sorry its Epoch not WoW. See I get the two confused because they both require you to spend hours "questing" for money to then buy everything you ever wanted from a vendor. Last time I checked you didn't need to find money in the apocalypse but hey, I could be wrong.

Ultimately it comes down to the creator, whoops i mean the guy who compiled a bunch of already existing BI scripts into a mod and then took credit for it. Yup that would be you Rocket.

OK I think I will breathe now :p

I really like development and zombies are a great addition to that. However; I agree that it has come to an end. Over the course of a few years Rocket and his team of "developers" have proven that the bucket of give a sh*t is absolutely empty at their feet.

Cool story bro!
well it looks like someone needs to change their tampon LOL.
I agree with most of what you say although not with such conviction or angst.
again , another who thinks MORE guns, weapons, vehicles do not improve the game experience which is what this topic is about, what makes the game fun or boring.
and I put a new map in the same category as another rifle. its just a thing and will get old and boring after a bit of time
now, what will it take to get the players to see the light?

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I would say this is past the point of no return. The wave of "mods" has completely destroyed any hope of a unified survival game now. I think the only option is for everyone to stop supporting any mod that is not vanilla. If ppl want to add stuff and host private servers then so be it. That, however; does not destroy the game the way all these mod variants have.

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What scripts make dayz not boring?
The ones that work?

Did I win?
Srsly though.

Building is fun in all forms.
dogs are really nice.
better seating for vehicles like the addin mod.
More emote style things should happen, I mean its supposed to be a simulator right?
AI in all forms is fun
AI with a purpose is even better, not just to hunt and kill people.
More interactive buildings is nice to see, more or less just more that spawn loot i guess :/
The ability to do things one may consider in the zombie end, i.e. suicide or hostages. One of which is in Arma 3 DayZ Mod. There I go again :p i meant to say Standalone o_O
since we are off topic anyways, I would like to point out something to betterdedthanzed. the sig says the only good zombie is a dead zombie.
but ... but .. zombies ARE already dead ..
I believe this subforum perfectly suits this thread.
"DayZ / Arma Scripting & Editing > Scripting Discussions "

I see where you guys are going .. lets just rename it to TheZ and insist that it always ran on CryEngine. Problem solved.

Btw ... added a random cinematic where players seem to wake up from a bad dream when spawning. Im such a Wonka.
since we are off topic anyways, I would like to point out something to betterdedthanzed. the sig says the only good zombie is a dead zombie.
but ... but .. zombies ARE already dead ..
It comes from the saying "Better dead than Red." and "The only good Red is a dead Red." Communist references. I'm sure it's a bit before your time. :)

Also, to clarify, they technically aren't zombies. They are infected, so they haven't died yet.
I'm sure it's a bit before your time. :)
LOL ... I was well aware of that as I was in the doing nuclear deterrent patrols on an SSBN before the Soviet Union fell apart ... back when we had a real red threat.
It may date back to the 1800's with
"The only good injun is a dead injun" although that may have only been in the movies and not actually said by anyone.
Or possibly back to 20bc when the Romans used to say " The only good monotheist is a dead monotheist" .. but I am just guessing there.