Arma3 Epoch - Finally!

Would you use sheeps repack for A3 Epoch?

  • yes

    Votes: 12 85.7%
  • no

    Votes: 2 14.3%
  • another one...seriously?

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OpenDayZ Lord!
Hey Guys long time no post!

well i finally got arma 3 and ive started modding it,

ill be making a new repack for A3 Epoch very soon!
Hey FS,
Yeah I agree with you totally.
If you need a hand in collating your re-pack or if your looking for some testers please let me know.
Always willing to help out.


OpenDayZ Lord!
so hers what i have so far!

custom loot (Arma2 style loot on ground + Standard A3 Epoch loot)
custom spawn loadout (default loadout + seperate load out for admins)
custom loadscreen (well the little load pic lol)
VEMF & SEM mission systems (both are in development so thers just AI take over towns missions so far)
Depoy bike and pack it up - Still WIP
Build chopper from parts - Still WIP
Status Bar - shows thirst,hunger,restart time, etc
admin tools + antihack (simlar to infistar)
indestructable bases - (doors can stiil be destroyed, not sure if abug or intended but i like it
welcome credits + intro song

more to come!


OpenDayZ Lord!
im waiting on the epoch team to release new version with out the stupid DLL check as i cant do alot with out having access to the server files


OpenDayZ Lord!
Nearly there FS, not too much longer.
hell it takes them ages to release a new version, by the time its out of alpha arma 4 will be out!

they can say all they want about it being to stop bug reports of modified crap, in the end its total BS and they should just remove it already!

its clearly in breach of the free to use/full access terms for arma 2/3 code,

they can sugar coat it all they want how the hell they got away with it is beyond me.

end of rant :p


Valued Member!
supposedly soon will be releasing the restrictions .. but with exile taking them on full force .. who knows .. even though Im not a huge fan of Exile .. some pieces of it are good.. over all I still a fan of epoch . will just have to see what the future holds


OpenDayZ Guru!
i was thinking of starting an exile server just because its available ... been running wasteland ... occasionally.
i havent played either one on arma3 though, downloading mods is too much trouble ( a true sign the desire is gone). my kids are playing Unturned all the time, was actually thinking of replacing my arma 3 server with that:eek: