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This bug may not pertain to this subject, but I may as well ask anyway.;)

So, when I first boot up Arma II Operation Arrowhead and click "Multiplayer", the server area (Or whatever it's called) pops up with the buttons listed at the bottom. Those buttons all appear except for the "Filter" and "Join" buttons. This prevents me from joining the DayZ Escape server that I have wanted to play on for quite some time now. :(

Any help on this would be greatly appreciated.



Ill run through some checks with you here, if that doesnt fix it, feel free to add me on skype, andrew_s9010

Anyways, are you trying to join like I showed in the video?
If so can you see the dayz escape logo in the upper right? Also double check if you have anything else enabled. If you are still getting stuck add me on skype ill help you out. :)