DayZ Chenarus Auto Refuel! All stations!

Hello there OpenDayZ friends!!

I have recently made an Auto Refuel Script, together with ALL stations already in and ready to use XD

All you need to do is drive next to a pump, the cars engine is then turned off and then fills up from however much fuel there is! It does not unrealistically drain and then start fueling, like some other scripts!
It does work with helis, and no, it doesn't turn off their engine!!

This was made for bliss, but it will work with over Private Hives, just addapt it for your MPMission file :)

Mod your mission.sqm and add it with the lines of code provided (Add it in)
Put "scriptsMZ" in that EXACT location, or it will not work..
For BE Script Kicks Find this: "5 setFuel blahblahblah" At the end of that line add: !"scriptsMZ\MZ_reload.sqf"
Just like that

I will maintain this script and update it so please check back for updates!

Please post recommendations/requests here!

Find it here:
Current version: 1.5
The github might look a little messy but eh, it was my first time ;)


Also see some of my work here:
yeh i got it working on chernarus from reading the other thread

also please clarify where scriptsmz actually goes, and thanks for the write up
Maybe i am missing something here. Followed your instructions exactly. In my mission directory there is a folder called scriptsMZ inside of that folder is the .sqf. ADDED the lines you provided to the end of the mission.sqm. Took a suv up to the fuel station between gorka and polona. 104, 064. Tried the actual fuel tanks first, no refueling. Then tried the pumps in the station. No action.. Did i miss something or are those stations just not working?

Running bliss

Wannab did you do anything different from what he instructed?
I think your placement in the mission file is wrong, place it just after the 100 "vehicles" are deployed in "Class vehicles"
when i got it working, placed the reload.sqf file in the server pbo file, you find it in @bliss_#.[map]/addons folder, once you have the dayz_server.pbo extracted you have these folders compile, init and system, i put it in compile, i also spoke with ayan4m1 on irc he said the best way to add these things is make a package under the pkg folder where you build the server files, and use perl -with-yourpackagename this also puts the .sqf files in the compile folder, i also edited the fuel points myself in the editor, but i looked at his code and its basically the same thing as mine so i doubt your problem is there

also I actually have the reload.sqf file in the scripts folder as explained by mattz as well as in the compile folder in the server.pbo, i havent tried removing the one in the scripts folder but its working for me right now

if anyone can make this script use a scroll action i would really appreciate it, the most i know how to code is hello world lol

edit: after doing some searching it looks like i need to use addAction to get the scroll to initiate the refuel

from the example on the wiki:
_genAct = generator addAction ["Switch on generator", "activate_generator.sqs"]

im assuming i need to change it to

_something = something addAction ["Refuel", "reload.sqf"]

im not sure what to put for the first part, or if this goes in On Act

if anyone can point me in the right direction i would appreciate it
Hey mattz, i did as you suggested and added your lines after the vehicle deploy. It is still not functioning. At the mentioned gas station. I tried one up the road as well and that doesn't work either. I have included a paste bin of my mission sqm. Wonder what it could be since i seem to have done everything properly unless it isn't place properly again.
you are extracting the wrong pbo then, the directory in the mission pbo is scriptsMZ

find the folder @bliss.mapname/addons in there, there is a dayz_server.pbo if you extract that you will find


in that compile folder place the reload.sqf

i also have the sqf in the scripts folder in the mission pbo
It makes no sense to have it in both spots as the lines you put in the mission.sqm only reference one of them. If you didnt edit your file after putting it in the compiles then it shouldnt do anything as it still references the files in the original spot.
mattz. i don't think you should pase it so far down. i think it is right after ''version=11;
class Mission
class Intel
briefingName="DayZ Chernarus";
class Groups
class Item0
class Vehicles
class Item0''
i aint sure let me know.
Tried having it in both the server and the mission side with my mission file the way it is in my pastebin. Not sure what else to do from here. For those who have it working are you using straight bliss? No care pkgs or any other options? Can you paste bin your mission file? I'm not sure why he didn't just do that in the first place and let people compare files to see what they have to add/remove.

Thanks for all the hard work.