DZAI Adaptation for ArmA 3 Epoch (News, Updates, Information)


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A brief overview of how much development time was allocated to different parts of A3EAI (rough estimates):

As shown in the diagram, there's still much to do and test with vehicle AI and custom spawns. Much of the effort was spent on "supporting framework code", which refers to all code that performs important tasks in the background.

To further simplify the diagram, actual hands-on-keyboard coding takes up 50% of the time, and 50% is actual playtesting to check whether the Static, Dynamic, Random, Air, Land, Vehicle, Custom AI spawns are working as intended.


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Due to ongoing rework of the spawning systems, the previously-mentioned "static spawn config files" might not be included with A3EAI's release after all due to the possibility of incompatibility. This isn't set in stone at the moment.
Hey man. How is development going here? I recall talking with you a while back on initial progress of you adapting DZAI. Totally awesome! It's great you're working on this. I run an Arma 3 Epoch server if you get to a point for testing. GG!

Edit: Just followed you for progress updates. Thank you for all your efforts!

Edit 2: Donated to you via github repo.
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It's exactly what Epoch needs. It's got everything else except a good, bandit-based AI. The occasional military thing with the drone doesn't cut it, IMO. Nice work, Buttface. I may use it on a survival based mission I'm working on.