[Help/Discussion] Zabns Take Clothes

I am just checking on this because I am a little unsure if there is more than this that needs to be edited for skins on the server?
switch (_itemNew) do {
    case "Survivor3_DZ": {
        _itemNew = "Survivor2_DZ";
    case "Bandit1_DZ": {
        _itemNew = "Survivor2_DZ";
The server list of skin class names goes in the quotes in _itemNew = "Survivor2_DZ";?


no there should be no editing involved, that section is just because there is no bandit ("Bandit1_DZ") skin package or hero ("Survivor3_DZ") so it just gives them a civilian clothing
I'm taking kick restriction SetVariable # 0, you know how I can fix it
log SetVariable:
09.04.2013 11:09:57: Formigao (IP) GUID - # 0 "clothestaken" = true 3:347 Sniper1_DZ


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script is working as intended, but is there a way toadmore skins?,as alli getis civ clothingand the script we to have gave more variety, not a critism, just would like to know if this can be expanded?


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Could you see about adding all the skins from DayZ overwatch? would be greatly appreciated and it would save me time finding the code :p