Help! Need Fix to clear debris from roads


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Is this still currently the only method of removing debris from the roads? It seems that after i put this on the server, players are not spawning with their correct skin based on humanity.
Disclaimer: I am not sure about any of this, been doing something else and fooling with this at the same time .. I could be completely wrong with everything I am about to say:
I "think" that the debris has been moved into this folder
and the file sched_towngenerator.sqf is what is creating the debris

I tested this and didn't think it was working, but now it seems to be working so .. you tell me ...
There should be (and probably is) an easier method, but this is a start.

So .. copy these three files into your mission
download from here
edit your init.sqf file by commenting out the line that calls player_monitor.fsm and calling the local mission fsm
    //execFSM "\z\addons\dayz_code\system\player_monitor.fsm";
    execFSM "player_monitor.fsm";
and that should remove the debris. If you tell me it works, I will detail the changes I had made tommorrow. Have to go to sleep so i can get up and go to work.

Hey, I know this is an old thread... but this does not seem to work anymore.. do you know if something has changed ?
Okay, still works but the files probably changed. I was wrong last time that I just uploaded the edited files .. at some point I deleted them from my gdrive. So here are the step by step directions.

Open your @dayz/dayz_code pbo and you are going to move 3 files into your mission. Put them in your prefered place (we are assuming mpmissions/fixes). So place these three files into your mpmission\fixes folder.
dayz_code/system/player_monitor.fsm (NOT the player_monitor.sqf)

  • Edit your mpmissions init.sqf to point to the new location of player_monitor.fsm
      execFSM "\z\addons\dayz_code\system\player_monitor.fsm";
    change it to:
      execFSM "fixes\player_monitor.fsm";
  • Edit player_monitor.fsm around line 469, Look for this:
     "if (_isHiveOk) then { if (!_schedulerStarted) then { _schedulerStarted=true; execVM '\z\addons\dayz_code\system\scheduler\sched_init.sqf'; }; };" \n
    and change the location to:
     "if (_isHiveOk) then { if (!_schedulerStarted) then { _schedulerStarted=true; execVM 'fixes\sched_init.sqf'; }; };" \n
  • Edit sched_towngenerator.sqf at the top look for:
    #include "scheduler.hpp"
    and change it to:
    #include "\z\addons\dayz_code\system\scheduler\scheduler.hpp"
    Around line 30 find:
        _townarray = configFile >> "CfgTownGeneratorChernarus";
    and immediately BELOW that line ADD this:
        _townarray = [];
Debris has now been removed. As well as the tents at balota, chernarus, stary and a few other spots. I had played without debris for so long ... while testing this I had an epiphany: I think I prefer the debris as it adds much more 'atmosphere'. Yeah, okay so you run into a vehicle and it destroys your car ... drive carefully. On my servers I generally removed the debris but then would dynamically spawn in destroyed vehicles along the roads and then set a few of them on fire. The rising smoke all over really adds to the apocalyptic feel.
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Cool, thanks for the step by step info man :)
Awesome work!

Having read the end of your post, I too have never really played with debris on. I think I will leave it for a short while and see if people request it to be removed. Unless I get bored of it either.

I like how you dynamically spawned the destroyed vehicles too, that sounds pretty nice!