How the??? added buildings on map are duplicated...?


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I'll reword it so it makes more sense, I was pretty tired when I typed that up.

Intitial Setup:
Step 1: Download oldest version of dayz.
Step 2: Rename said version to @DayZold
Step 3: Create shortuct of arma2oa with launch paramater -mod=@DayZold
Done with Initial Setup

Merging New Buildings With Current Map:
Step 1: Make a map with buildings you want to add using the standard Arma 2 editor, save as addBuildings
Step 2: Make a folder in your saved mission directory titled DayZmap
Step 3: Copy your current mission.sqm into the DayZmap folder
Step 4: Launch @dayzold
Step 5: Enter 2d editor and load DayZmap
Step 6: Merge addBuildings with DayZmap
Step 7: Save as newDayZmap
Step 8: Replace your old mission.sqm with the mission.sqm from newDayZmap

Now you launch your server and voila, buildings added. I keep one clean folder of my unedited mission.sqm just in case something happens. Great thing about this as well is that you can easily delete buildings you've added by following steps 2-4 and just deleting them in the editor.

Oh and yes this does require using the 2d editor, but I prefer it personally. As I said everything is exactly where you put it and doesn't shift around at all and for me it's much easier to use, even though it does get tiring hitting preview every 30 seconds haha.


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Hey too each their own, but that is far more complicated than the way Im doing it haha. I'll stick to what I know but good to know theres another way!


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Thats not an easy way to do it, you are having to edit the .sqf and .beidi file just to get barracks, thats a waste of time. Here is my tuturial;

Step 1: Download Jon Editor Update (

Step 2: Place that pbo in your @DayZ folder in the Arma 2 oa Root

Step 3: Launch DayZ, when you get to the main menu just hit Alt+E, load up your map.

Step 4: Place a center, a group, and a unit anywhere you want (In that order) Then hit vehicle, thats where everything is at, you should see a bunch of new sections with a "#" because thats from Jon Editor Update, now edit the map to your likings.

Step 5: When you are done editing it, save it to whatever name you would like, then open file browser and go here:

C:\Users\YourName\Documents\ArmA 2 Other Profiles\YourInGameName\missions

and find that folder you created, there should be an .sqf file type along with a .biedi file type.

Step 6: Copy that .sqf to your desktop or someplace else (Leave the .biedi file) and open the .sqf with notepad++

Step 7: Remove these lines:

activateAddons [
activateAddons ["map_eu"];
_this = createCenter west;
_center_0 = _this;
_group_0 = createGroup _center_0;
_unit_0 = objNull;
if (true) then
  _this = _group_0 createUnit ["BAF_Soldier_Officer_DDPM", [10485.557, 2552.366, 5.7220459e-006], [], 0, "CAN_COLLIDE"];
  _unit_0 = _this;
  _this setDir 8.3060741;
  _this setUnitAbility 0.60000002;
  if (true) then {_group_0 selectLeader _this;};
  if (true) then {selectPlayer _this;};
(Note, you may not have some lines that i have, i used an extra addon called Map_eu, but that requires the client to download files)
Now, at the top place this line:
if (isServer) then {
Step 8: Put that sqf into your server's mission folder
Step 9: Open up the init file in your server, and go to the bottom and add this line in:
[] execVM "filename.sqf";
Now that should work! I typed this really quickly though so there may be errors, please correct me if there is.
I used the database method to get this working but I think I would prefer to use the init method as I am also adding in triggers and such like. For me it would be less editing. But thank you all for the methods posted above.
ok sorry for the wall of text Im at work... if this doesn't help feel free to message me personally and when I get home I'll show you my mission.

Zgreen the way I do it sounds far easier than that man. Lets say you're trying to build a barrack. Open the 3d editor, load the map, go to the location you wish to place the barrack. Put something there like a wall or something stupid and save it. Then go to your documents > arma 2 other profiles and open the profile you saved this with. Then go to mission, and you'll see your map saved there in the 2 formats, one being sqf. Now really the sqf is the only one you NEED to change, but if you wish to load back up the map editor and see the barrack and adjust its position, you need to make the changes to both of the files (I forget the other format). Then you go to somewhere like and find the database name for tha barrack you're trying to build, copy that name, then go to the saved map and cut out the name of whatever object you put there (wall, well, etc.) and paste the name of the barracks over that. Save it. You can now reopen the save file in the editor to adjust the buildings how you see fit.
Once you are done that save it, and reopen the files under your other profiles and open up the SQF format missions file. You need to delete all the text underneath the last building you have saved, and you need to delete all of the text at the very top above the first building you have saved. You then need to have

if (isServer) then {

at the very top. You also need to delete the group units you have in there that allowed you to save the mission on the editor (the guy you use to run around and preview with). Once tha is all done, you need to save that SQF in your missions folder on your server. Name it whatever you want , lets say Map1, and then in your init.sqf that is also in your mission folder you need to have a line that says

[] execVM "Map1.sqf";

then if you did all that correct you should be able to save it, and start up your server, and the buildings will be on there, and if you used the correct database name for the building, it should spawn loot without you needing to do anything more. This is the easiest way to do it, and I have experienced zero issues with it. The mission file isn't really that big, and it doesn't take any longer to load the map than it normally would.
Feel free to send me a message if this is all too much too fast, I know it took me a few days of reading to understand what I was doing, but once you get it, its so simple you'll laugh. Sometimes I add a couple buildings, just minutes before the server restarts, just to have them for the next restart.
thank you for the bit of information .. even if the last post was 2 years ago :oops:

Your information is correct but IMHO the better way to use addon sqf files is ignore all that isServer crap and just put the file in dayz_server.pbo and call them from your server_functions.sqf file. This way your mission is that much smaller, there is no chance of duplicating buildings.