[How-To] Improved vehicle spawn functions

So this works well, but only for the database. The database updates fine with new vehicles, however none of these vehicles are being added to the map. I have custom buildings and I call the mission.sqf from the init file to add them in. My server will also not load in after start if I do not include my mission.sqm file. Is the mission.sqm file messing with vehicles spawning?

I noticed that I have an error in the cfgdayz cmd window. Invalid method id 999.

just updated to the newest server pack. After some difficulty added your spawn points, and classes list to my DB's. Didn't seem to like the format. Created a spawnvehicles procedure. added it to my start.bat. It runs the server, and we can all join, it just wont spawn ANY vehicles. opened pMain, dumped your code in it, edited my start batch, no go. Have been using you work on this thread for a while on my server with no issues. It just doesn't like it after my update. my object_data is empty, not even stock vehicle spawns. Also a possibly unrelated issue is that i noticed a line stating that "character_data.last updated" error 1054 at line 1 at "where clause", any ideas?
I also get the same error as verbal, when launching the server (pops up in the launcher).

I followed this as best as I can, but to be honest, I have no idea what I'm doing and a lot of it was guess work. Doing something I've never done before in a program I've never used before, I was expecting to not have great results.

Is it possible you could post a clean database people could download and just drop in? It'd make things a lot easier for those of us who aren't entirely sure what we're doing.

edit; After realizing that a clean database is in fact ~180mb, offering an already set up method is probably not something you want to do. I would kindly ask you could make the instructions more clearer to those who haven't done this kind of thing before. Perhaps a video would be good?