Namalsk Fallen Tradingpost


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Little addition. A fallen tradingpost.

Any feedback is welcome!

To add this to your namalsk server:

create "FallenPost.sqf"
place this code in there
place in in the root of your mission pbo

in your init.sqf add

[] ExecVM "FallenPost.sqf";

Save, repack your PBO and upload it to your server.

For a mapmarker:

_marker = createMarker ["FTP", [7269.1152, 7047.4355]];
_marker setMarkerText "Fallen Trading Post";
_marker setMarkerType "mil_objective";
_marker setMarkerColor "ColorBlack";
marker = _FTP;


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I would also be interested in any Namalsk addons you might have laying around too please? :)


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These are all the addons I had on my server. Some have added traders in them I think, not sure though.

It has:

- Added military towers
- Vokurta roof bridges (walk from roof to roof, spices up vokurta a lot!)
- A large castle in the otherwise open landscape near the dam
- fuel barrels placed around the map
- A little town added to the sawmill and near Lubjansk
- A small castle near Vokurta
- A military checkpoint at the landbridge

a lot of other small things too. Little easter eggs, like the six hanging dead. You could win a prize if you found them all.

If you have any questions hit me up.
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Dangit why didn't I get the messages from ElDuya :/
/edit: the emails that he posted in this thread I mean!

Dangerrus to the rescue!!


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If you need help with anything let me know (pm works best I think) and I'll see what I can do

Btw, what's your server? I'd like to play some namalsk with my addons but without the admin hassle ;)


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I plan on opening up a W.I.C.K.E.D. Overwatch Namalsk in the near future hopefully. I'll let you know as well. I will probably use at least a few of these. Im not sure I like those catwalks in Vorkuta though haha.

I just swapped server hosts so I have a bit more control :)
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