NEED A NEW HOME? Hells Kitchen Xbox, Global Server


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Hells Kitchen Conclusion, Xbox, Global Server
STOP THE HATE BETWEEN COUNTRIES! ALL COUNTRIES WELCOMED 2x Loot, food boosted also, official feel Custom areas unique to Hells Kitchen (Custom Military Area, more to follow.) Incentives for Discord and Nitrado boosters PvP Server Helpful Community for new players. Suggestions channel for the community to vote on changes. Server events, (ATC Takeover etc) Full Custom Trader thanks to Shots From DZMC Hells Kitchen Discord currency for time played, crime, work and gambling, 50k for linking your GamerTag in the discord. American Host, EU family 5 heli Crashes, with a 4 out of 5 chance of getting high tier gear Air Drops in Chernarus apartment complexes. 10 out of 152 apartments can have high tier loot in the crate drops.
Ticket system to keep your business private. Seasonal Loot (Pumpkin head for October, Santa gear for Christmas etc) High Stamina Build Anywhere Laws Killfeed Thanks to Edin Raid Weekends. 2 hr days and 1 hr nights Full Cars Spawned Active Admin Coders on Staff Racked colored variants of snipers. This is a faction based server with a growing community and have a full Discord. We've kept the amount of rules to a minimum and they are mostly just regarding being courteous to other players. Cars spawn in with the required items to get you driving instantly and will be wiped weekly to keep them available everyone. The loot on this server has only been boosted slightly in order to keep the Dayz grind there, this gets players moving about and increases the chances you'll bump into someone whilst scavenging Trader is fully customized thanks to Shots. Please be aware when some items are bought out they will not be replenished until the server reset. Have fun and have a great day out in the field. Invite link for your friends