*NEW MAY 2019* [UK/EU] The Resistance | Modded 1PP | Trader | Spawn Selection | 100+ Custom Weapons!

Search for The Resistance in DZSA Launcher to download all of our mods to start your adventure!

Discord: https://discord.gg/2WCXTan

-=Welcome to 'The Resistance' DayZ Server!=-

The Resistance is the ultimate modded first person DayZ server. Our mods combined make your DayZ adventure epic, with no day the exact same as the last. We've got safe zones with traders and high loot with over 100+custom weapons, items and vehicles to gear up your character with! In addition to this we have a variety of mods to improve your DayZ experiences, from NVG's to help you see at night to bzReload to help you reload on the run from the undead.. or worse.

Our team? A bunch of complete strangers who met at Green Mountain and wanted to create the ultimate DayZ server. Made by players for players. Combined we have over 10,000 hours of DayZ game time on both standalone and mod. We are friendly and fair to all players, no matter where you are from, alone or in a group!

The server is new and so we are looking for players to start their adventures on our brilliant server! You can join our discord for more information or to get involved with the community!

-=Our Features and Mods=-

- First person only - This creates a hardcore DayZ experience (No wall peaking)
- Day/Night cycle - This adds to realism with a 1 hour night cycle.
- Friendly & Active staff team - ready to help whenever you need it.
- Custom NEAF - With spawns close it only made sense to make north east airfield worth looting just like arma 2!
- Prison Island Bridge - We have a bridge to prison island, and its pretty cool!
- Base Building Plus - This mod brings epoch base building to standalone! Completely changes base building experiences.
- Humanity - Killing zombies and bandits gives you humanity, killing heros and bambis makes you a bandit!
- FIDOv Weapon Pack - This mod adds over 100 custom weapons including the PKP and M82 Barrett along with a bunch of other cool weapons and items!
- Airdrop mod - Spawns a random airdrop in the map every hour containing supplies or weapons.
- DayZ Expansion Chat - This allows players to communicate in side or direct chat allowing players to broadcast messages for everyone to see.
- Trader - we have two traders with safe zones. You can sell your loot and buy the gear you need. Prices are based on the item's usefulness.
- [MOV] Unlimited Stamina - It's needed... no more walking!
- Vanilla Plus Plus Map - Set markers and navigate Chernarus! You can also toggle 3D markers to enhance your experience!
- VPPSpawnSelection - This allows you to choose your spawn location as well as design your character and loadout!
- Mass'sManyItemOverhaul - This mod adds custom weapons and items into the game including a suppressed M110 sniper along with custom clothing!
- CPBWeapons - This mods adds custom weapons including the M200 Cheytac sniper and Barret 50cal!
- GoreZ - This mod add blood splats and bleed trails making the game even more realistic and bloody.
- Weapon Redux Pack - This mod re-enables all the old DayZ weapons before the 1.0 release.
- BuildAnywhere - Pretty much explains itself, enchances base building.
- NewNVG_Borland - This mod adds NVG's making it a lot easier to explore at night, find them around the map or at the trader.
- Uaz Hunter - This adds a custom Uaz Hunter, grab it from the car trader. Warning goes 0-60 in first...
- MoreGuns - Adds more custom weapons making your DayZ experience even better!
- Sneaky Stashes and Stuff - This mod adds custom base building items and containers making your base building experience a whole lot better.
- Better Suppressors - This mods adds suppressors that last a lot longer than the standard DayZ ones having a huge impact on stealth game play.
- KillFeed - Player deaths are broadcast across the server.
- Code Lock - This mod adds a code lock to base building and lets you enter a pin rather than enter a combination lock.
- bzReload - Use 'R' to reload compared to combining your mag with your gun.

More mods being added every week! Post suggestions on discord!