Private Hive Tools [PHP]

I'm running a server with an avereage of 25 people online at any given time with absolutely no issues. Except a few annoying bugs from CC, but I got 'em fixed
Nice, if you don't mind me asking, and this will be the last time I bug you I swear lol, but what are the specs of the server your running it on? I think that may have been my issue. if I could give you positive rep here or something like heat ware I would at this point several times over. lol
Nah, no worries man, you're not bugging at all. We have two cores of an E31235 @ 3.2GHz. 2GB of RAM and I think that like 6Mb of upload speed (not sure about that last bit, tho). PM me with your skype address if you want
Any ideas on why this doesn't seem to work on other ports? We had private hive tools setup and working on port 80. I moved the webserver to port 8080 and now hive tools doesnt work from external sources. It will work from localhost . At first I thought it was a webserver issue but i noticed that phpmyadmin is working just find from remote devices unlike hive tools. Any ideas? Also note I do have "allow all " set in my config file for php.

Switched server to port 8080 other web apps work fine hive tools wont work

Error -
You don't have permission to access / on this server.
hey guys great tool but my Trader Item Editor for Epoch was working when I first installed now after I click it for a second time it comes up blank there is nothing there
Hey man, anyway you could update the 3D parsor so it places the buildings in the "buildings " Table and "instance_buildings" as it currently throws it in the deployable table.



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new version 1.02 will comin soon...

- ADDED        itempool and item classname find & select box.
- ADDED    simple BEC whitlist.txt editor (over ftp)
- ADDED    livemap for chernarus
- ADDED        permission system
- CHANGED    epoch trader editor rewritten. will now use the tids from your "server_trader.sqf" through parsing. (no more instance troubles)   
- CHANGED    design
- CHANGED    blacklist items infoboxes can now activate / deactivate, to fix problems due slow database connection
- FIX        missing setDir (mission parser)
- CHANGED    reality "world_id" will now selected from "instance" table
- AND        some changes in the code, i hope the most bugs will be fixed now
Love the tools Nightmare. excited to see them coming out. I will even make an install tutorial for you on installing all the tools needed on your local PC to make it all run to a hosted HFB hive, since they don't have real nice tools like this.