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PrivateHiveTools 2.0

- Manage Players /Objects / Vehicles

- Livemap with Tracker ( Chernarus, ChernarusPlus, Lingor, Namalsk, Ovaron Panthera2, Utes, Altis, Stratis, Sauerland, Takistan, Zargabad, Napf )

- Telport Players & Vehicles

- Rcon, kick, ban, banlist edit, restart, lock, unlock

- Trader Shop Editor

and more...


( PHP files only)

( with Apache2 WebServer from xampp-portable-win32-1.8.3-4-VC11 build )

**Special thanks to bFe, for Norwegian translation.

! Reality & Lite Hive schemas will not be Supported anymore for version 2.0 !



( 30.3.2014 - UPDATED TO 0.0.3 )




the map package contains following maps:

Chernarus, ChernarusPlus, Lingor, Namalsk, Ovaron

Panthera2, Utes, Altis, Stratis, Sauerland, Takistan

Zargabad, Napf




Probably my Tools saved you a lot of time and you like it. In this case you may
make a donation here:


THX & Have Fun!

************* DONATORS ****************

Chris McCoy, Andreas Anwender, Rune Hestnes,

Andrew Murdoch, Ryan Kreger, John Saffron,

Sven Neumann, Mike Bueno-Gil, Simon Lynch, Mark Kievit,

Tony Bradley, Rene Rabenow, Josef Kroher

and to all i have forgot.

************* SPECIAL THANKS ****************

EPOCH - Community & vbawol
OPEN DayZ - Community
Bohemia Interactive

all tools powered by nightmare @

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Heya, pretty cool Idea,
but 1 Problem. I just started this whole sql / php stuff days ago. My Project is the Day Z private hive (why should not put work and fun together ;)). So my silly tought was, to download and open the php with my Browser and try some stuff, but jeah seems this thougt was to simple. The whole Ip / Port line is missing.

Can you help me a bit? thx
how do you set the cpu up, i have 4 core on my pc and its lagging on the server when we are more then 5 guys, my internet speed is 50/50mbit?


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Umm, I'm getting a little problem with the survivor editor. It says it has a lot of undefined variables. I'm using Windows Server 2008 and WAMP. Any ideas how to fix this?