[Resolved] The hidden secrets of Vilayer.com


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It has not been resolved..

ERSAN still has a post that declares that Vilayer does not have servers in the locations mentioned..

FACT: Vilayer has physical locations in those listed and I posted TRACE ROUTES to them for all to see... but they were removed... kinda Mysterious?? No kinda obvious whats going on.. and it has all been screen captured and recorded for all to see.

Will wait for the conclusion of this by the forum owner before i make it all public.

What are you waiting to make public? It was all already public since this an open forums.
The forums are not siding with either, its all user based and mostly run and maintained by users.
If you are going to complain about someone hating on a company its obviously not a mod who posted this thread, it was users and users responded to it. So mods aren't being persuaded or bribed in any case.

If anything your complaining has proved a farther case for vilayer to be pushed down lower in all of this.

Besides, did you see dayz.st ranting and posting all around when stuff comes up or that they were ddos'd for a week straight and then dropped by the hosting company?

*The reason that post was removed from the official forums was because of drama caused by it and another server provider was basically making threats and causing problems to get it removed, basically the same thing that has happened here. It was going down a stable track then someone complained and wanted things removed, so the main thing was removed and other topics were removed too because the problem was addressed. Its not like anything is hidden, problems are just trying to be solved as opendayz is not the middle grounds of this problem. Its not console wars were users of companies are battling it out, its a different market and people go to a reliable host that have what they want and need, there are no sides, once you dislike something its easy to switch.

Good companies with a strong base move forward, its the same with servers.. Something happens they move forward and not make threats like you are.

Sided or not I have never seen anyone from opendayz, dayz.st, hfbservers, ss hosting or any other company threaten other people because of content that is posted.

That is like a company selling something on amazon taking down bad reviews because it makes them look bad, a bad thing said removed won't make something magicly better it will make it worse and you are going the wrong way with this it seems.


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It has not been resolved..

ERSAN still has a post that declares that Vilayer does not have servers in the locations mentioned..

FACT: Vilayer has physical locations in those listed and I posted TRACE ROUTES to them for all to see... but they were removed... kinda Mysterious?? No kinda obvious whats going on.. and it has all been screen captured and recorded for all to see.

Will wait for the conclusion of this by the forum owner before i make it all public.

You know I still don't understand what you are going on about. You asked for the recordings to be removed in your PM here
I will ask at this time that you remove anything ersan posted about a audio recording that he has not provided proof of for all to see, as i am one of the individuals that he said was in the conversation.

This represents liable and can be prosecuted in court as a felony.

Having these forums part of that kind of litigation is not what i want... but will pursue if needed.
My initial response was
I completely understand and the thread will be removed due to legal means.
Then after I gave it some thought it was this
Actually, I have given this some thought and we won't be bullied into removing a thread. Considering the fact that you can't spell 'libel' or even offer any form of legal opinion on whether this is or isn't libel. Even if it was, it would be a matter between Vilayer and Ersan, not us. We have very strong third party protections. In regards to the recording, either way if it is made public or not, it has to it has nothing to do in regards to it being libel or not.
The thread will return to it's previous state with your arguments removed. Consider it as protecting Vilayers professional integrity by Ersan not releasing the audio recordings publically. I will remove the part were Ersan mentioned audio recordings to protect Vilayer further.
tldr; This is *NOT* libel and cannot be prosecuted in a court as a felony.
I removed the mentions of audio recordings and he still has a cry about this thread. Not to mention he contradicts himself when he says.
I will ask at this time that you remove anything ersan posted about a audio recording that he has not provided proof of for all to see, as i am one of the individuals that he said was in the conversation.
Then straight after that he says
There is no such conversation... never was... i think you know that as well.


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Yet you still leave the blatant lies of ersan posted and remove my pointing out that fact with Traceroutes.
The only thing in that post were the traceroutes... the only reason for removing them was to keep the lies of ersan looking like he is telling the truth.. which you know are lies due to the trace routes i posted lastnight.

The truth is not going to go away.

You can keep deleting my posts.. The 1000 or so people on Reddit that are going to be watching the live stream of all that has transpired as well as the screen captures of what was posted and how it has been slowly changed and adjusted to keep his lies intact.

The facts have been posted to discount his story and then promptly removed even after jumping thru the hoops you asked for with the trace routes.

All this drama over an association with a known BS artist that is so bent on bare faced lying to the community this site is supposed to support...

Kinda shameful and quite obvious as to exactally what has transpired.

I still give you the benefit of the doubt as you are most likely being manipulated by a couple sources... so it is up to you to make the decisions for OpenDayz.net's overall appearance to the DayZ Community on this matter.

Best regards.

Now he threatens OpenDayZ.net's overall appearance to the DayZ Community, what gives man?
You asked for the mentions of the audio recordings to be removed and now you want more... FFS

"BP" From DayZ.ST requested that any posts be restored in regards to him defending against the accusations. Factual information is acceptable, niggling is not.


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And the facts have been posted. He posted BS about locations.. Trace routes provided to discount the statement he made.
He made reference to fictitious conversations and provided no facts or evidence.

This thread was posted here after the dayz forums took it down because they knew it to be false.

I never made any threats to this site .. i said that the facts of all that has transpired will make bad press basically.

This guy from ST has been called out on his lies.. .plain and simple.. and i was attacked at every turn after bringing that to light with FACTS (not stories).
My posts were edited/removed/put back up/looks really bad . And all due to some type of association between the moderator and one of the persons mentioned in my original post.

there could be no other conclusion from the timeline and actions made here.

I am done with this as My facts have been posted that totally discount Ersan's BS.

His other BS was edited by the mod ( TY for that sir)

OpenDayz is the best resource for the dayz community in my opinion, this is why I fought for the truth to be posted.


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This has all gotten extremely out of hand.

I do not speak for Ersan, but I will come in peace as a representative of DayZ.ST to try to return some balance to this thread. We never asked for any posts to be removed or censored, in fact I've asked CommanderRetra to restore any and all posts relevant to the conversation (at his discretion of course).

While I don't doubt the validity of Ersan's initial findings, people can be wrong. Based on the information he collected there was clear evidence to believe that Vilayer was not being forthwith about the true locations of some of their advertised locations.

Avid_Gamer has come forward with information supporting Vilayer's having a presence in the locations, which I will also support as being factual.

A traceroute and whois lookup confirm that they have a presence in New York at with ServerMania who does offer DDoS protection on their page. Servermania.com does indeed appear to be colocating with colocrossing.com
11. ae-81-81.csw3.NewYork1.Level3.net                                                                                                            0.0%    15  75.4  79.3  72.5 102.2  9.0
12. ae-82-82.ebr2.NewYork1.Level3.net                                                                                                            0.0%    15  75.0  86.8  74.2 132.0  15.2
13. ae-4-4.car2.Buffalo1.Level3.net                                                                                                              0.0%    15  74.9  85.1  73.7 116.8  13.9
14. GIGLINX-INC.car2.Buffalo1.Level3.net                                                                                                        0.0%    15  78.9  79.1  68.6  99.0  8.3
15. host.colocrossing.com                                                                                                                        0.0%    15  79.0  82.2  76.9  90.7  4.7
16.                                                                                                                              0.0%    15  86.3  79.7  73.9  89.1  5.6
17.                                                                                                                                  0.0%    15  86.7  82.9  73.7 108.3  10.0

NetRange: -
NetName:        NET-23-229-0-0-1
NetHandle:      NET-23-229-0-0-2
Parent:         NET-23-229-0-0-1
NetType:        Reassigned
RegDate:        2013-10-28
Updated:        2013-10-28
Ref:            http://whois.arin.net/rest/net/NET-23-229-0-0-2
CustName:       Vilayer LTD
Address:        13 Thorndale RD
City:           Liverpool
StateProv:      MERSEYSIDE
PostalCode:     L22 9QP
Country:        GB
RegDate:        2013-10-28
Updated:        2013-10-28
Ref:            http://whois.arin.net/rest/customer/C04746117

A traceroute and whois confirm that they have an Amsterdam, NL presence at with Leaseweb who does not offer any type of DDoS protection that I'm aware of. In fact, we have a few dedicated servers in that same datacenter.
 7. te1-3.msc1.wdc.leaseweb.net                                                                                                                  0.0%    14   77.3  73.6  63.1 104.6  12.1
 8. ???
 9.                                                                                                                                  0.0%    13  153.3 164.2 151.0 203.1  17.4
10.                                                                                                                                  0.0%    13  153.1 167.5 153.1 203.9  16.0
11. hosted-by.leaseweb.com                                                                                                           0.0%    13  154.3 162.7 151.9 181.0  10.0
inetnum: -
netname:        LEASEWEB
descr:          LeaseWeb
descr:          P.O. Box 93054
descr:          1090BB AMSTERDAM
descr:          Netherlands
descr:          www.leaseweb.com
remarks:        Please send email to "abuse@leaseweb.com" for complaints
remarks:        regarding portscans, DoS attacks and spam.
country:        NL
admin-c:        LSW1-RIPE
tech-c:         LSW1-RIPE
status:         ASSIGNED PA
mnt-by:         OCOM-MNT
source:         RIPE # Filtered

Now, as to why there were DNS names pointing to servers listed as being in one location but obviously being in another, I don't know why that is. Only Vilayer can answer that question. I don't doubt that they have servers in New York or Amsterdam at this point.

I believe that when observations or facts are presented everyone should have a chance to defend themselves and be rightly provided with an opportunity to voice their opinion. I feel bad that Avid_Gamer was initially squelched, whether it having been for his perceived attitude or otherwise. We did not and will never request that criticism of our services, our practices, or our opinions be censored. We're happy to defend ourselves where necessary and accept constructive criticism in an effort to find ways to improve our services and our clients' experience.

We did not post this initial thread, we did not choose the topic or name of this thread, Ersan merely responded as it was pointed out to us via Skype. We have no reason or desire to go around name calling, or astroturfing. We believe in healthy competition because it drives us to release new features and better offerings. Each GSP has their pros and cons.

As to Ersan's post that began all this vitriol, he stated an opinion and the information he was able to collect. I don't think he was attempting to sway customers to use our services when he did so. I believe if he'd have known that it would be perceived that way he would have posted the same information anonymously.

I must point out one thing in ending this post, and I'm not doing it to bolster us in any way. Vilayer currently appears to have a mistake on their ordering page http://i.imgur.com/oPTrrCe.png showing that they have "SEC-LAYER ANTI-DDOS" in their Amsterdam, NL location. If the IP provided above is representative of that location, and it is hosted with Leaseweb as I have confirmed, then there is no DDoS protection provided by Leaseweb and Vilayer's ordering page may need to be updated/corrected.

I'll be tracking this thread for a bit and actively responding to any requests for information and/or replies to any representative from Vilayer or otherwise. I've also attempted to contact Lee via Skype and Teamspeak to try and calm the waves.

BP from DayZ.ST

tl;dr We didn't start the fire, it was always burning since the world's been turning.


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Glad to see everyone is now seeing eye to eye. I feel like it is appropriate to post the final PM's from Avid_Gamer, they are as follows
Hey, thanks for putting my trace routes back up.

I do not want to play the drama game any longer... The greasy car salesman is going to lose the battle any time he posts lies.

Thank you for being a man and doing the right thing as you saw it needed to be done.

I have left this in your hands and given the facts and been as polite to you as I possibly could be after being accused of a felony. DDOS attacks are a felony in my country. So anyone making that type of accusation is accountable for those claims.

As to the rest of his BS, you have seen the facts that disprove his statements.

It is up to you to remove them if you think it is something that the dayz community will agree with or disagree with.

Just my opinion that if the community knew that you are aware that they are not true and you allow it to remain.. and have been caught removing the facts that dispute it... Well i think the community will not like what you have done.

But again, it's in your hands.. these are your forums to moderate.

Best regards.

Just to be clear, i love the opendayz community and think it is the best resource for Dayz.

I am making no threats.. after reading my last message it kinda looks like a threat.. sorry I am just making my point clear how i feel and as a gamer.. i think that other gamers will feel the same way i do about being led down the path. (by the greasy cars salesman)

I am glad this issue has been resolved, this thread will be unstickied and renamed. I feel like this isn't the appropriate forum although I only moderate the DayZ\Scripting node and the Antihacks\server admin node. I can move it to another forum but then I can't move it back nor can I moderate it and in all honesty I would rather have the ability to moderate it. Should probably be moved to the archives but anyway.

Glad this came to an end on a positive note.


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I saw on the vilayer Youtube page they had to create a video explaining ...
Gotta love the way people try to manipulate something to serve their own agenda.

Really not trying to start anything, but i find it humorous that for a couple posts and the beginning of the quoted one Avid acts like a 3rd party, then i guess got so worked up he forgot that and started with the 'our servers', and in PM threatened legal action of behalf of the company and admitted he was one of the two VL people named. So Avid is either Lee or JB.

At least in all of our posts we say upfront who we are, and most of us have the huge ST logo as avatar. As a general rule it also makes people take your threats more seriously if you can spell the offense you are accusing someone of properly.


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Typical response from a troll.

Avid_Gamer is a human, he is a person stating facts, he is a person who made no attacks , posted nothing regarding ST other then FACTS that contradicted the fictitious statements made by Ersan.

Does the identity of Avid_Gamer have any bearing upon the facts that brought about the truth?


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Typical response from a troll.

Avid_Gamer is a human, he is a person stating facts, he is a person who made no attacks , posted nothing regarding ST other then FACTS that contradicted the fictitious statements made by Ersan.

Does the identity of Avid_Gamer have any bearing upon the facts that brought about the truth?

can i have your autograph or no?


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If Ersan's identity matters to you as far as what he represents (and it must, otherwise you would not have derisively talked about user switching instead of just responding to the data you claim is incorrect), then your identity matters as well. I am not saying it should, just saying you can't have it both ways. You can't make personal attacks and then stand back and act like you aren't involved.

Also, none of us have been dismissive or resorted to anything close to threats or name-calling, which you have done repeatedly. Because this was not some kind of attack, just a statement of observed data . We have never tried to tear any other host down, and in fact we put a stop to it if we see it in our chatrooms or forums.


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Wow, check out the attack pack coming out after all is said and done.

Do tell about the attack Ersan made saying he had some audio recording..
He does not have or never has had.. due to there never being a conversation he said took place.

That post was the reason for all of this drama. He lied. He got busted in that lie.

Now you all attack the messenger.


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Damnit, he removed all of his greasy car salesman things, I was going to replace them with wonderful gentleman.


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The IP addresses I pulled were from Vilayer's own order page where it 'pings' each location:

They do have some servers at some of the locations that they are also using OVH for, but they are likely being slowly replaced with OVH servers, or they are moving customers that are affected by DDoS attacks to the OVH servers. Their order page is using OVH servers to measure ping for New York, and all of Europe.

For example here is their "Amsterdam" presence, where they have more servers actually in the location they are claiming to host than anywhere else in Europe:
* Dns resolved nl101.vilayer.com to
* Dns resolved nl102.vilayer.com to
* Dns resolved nl103.vilayer.com to
* Dns resolved nl104.vilayer.com to
* Dns resolved nl105.vilayer.com to
* Dns resolved nl106.vilayer.com to
* Dns resolved nl107.vilayer.com to
* Dns resolved nl108.vilayer.com to
* Dns resolved nl109.vilayer.com to
* Dns resolved nl110.vilayer.com to
4 servers at OVH France (94.23.x.x and 178.33.x.x), and 6 servers at Leaseweb NL (5.79.x.x - which doesn't offer any sort of DDoS protection)

Here is their presence at New York:
* Dns resolved ny201.vilayer.com to
* Dns resolved ny202.vilayer.com to
* Dns resolved ny203.vilayer.com to
* Dns resolved ny204.vilayer.com to
* Dns resolved ny205.vilayer.com to
* Dns resolved ny206.vilayer.com to
* Dns resolved ny207.vilayer.com to
* Dns resolved ny208.vilayer.com to
* Dns resolved ny209.vilayer.com to
All of these are at OVH Montreal.

Here a couple examples of 'UK' servers that are hosted in France - presumably customers thought they were purchasing UK servers:
http://arma2.swec.se/server/data/456632 -> 'UK' in server title, hosted at dedibox.fr (france)
http://arma2.swec.se/server/data/440946 -> 'UK' in server title, hosted at OVH (france)
http://arma2.swec.se/server/data/320066 -> 'UK' in server title, hosted at OVH (france)
Short of going out and buying some of their servers with my own money and posting their actual locations (which I don't feel compelled to do) this is all the evidence I can provide. Feel free to PM me the IP if you bought a server from Vilayer at a European or New York location so I have even more evidence to go on.

Don't really care anyway, just defending the implication that I was lying. I was out of town or I would have replied sooner. I'm posting all of this as an interested user, not as the owner of a competing company (I know it looks that way, and I'm sorry) I'm not trying to influence anyone to buy our servers, we are doing fine as a company.


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I guess this is kind of on topic.

It should be known that Vilayer is preventing access to the main Antihack script in their server pbo. They only let you edit the Antihack config. Dayzpriv does the same thing. I do not recommend using either hosting company for that reason.

I only post this because all over the forums there are constant support threads requesting fixes that require editing the main antihack file. And we have to reply: sorry Vilayer doesn't let you access that.

For what it's worth I think this is at the request of antihack developers. The less people that have the source code of the antihack the less likely people are going to make hacks that circumvent their antihacks. We would probably do the same thing if we offered an antihack (and we may in the future, but we want to compensate the developers properly if we do)