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    Greetings! I've noticed that there are a lot of different topics, ranging from completed scripts, to people asking for scripts to be made.
    So, instead of dilly dallying around hoping to stumble across a script to be added to your server, this thread serves the purpose of finding additions easily for your DayZ server.

    LAST UPDATED ON: August 21, 2013


    Format for addons:
    #✓*Author - Name Of Addition
    Related Links
    # - Not tested​
    ✓ - Tested and working​
    * - Incomplete, needs tutorial/rewrite​

    Format for resources:
    &$%Name Of Resource
    Related Links
    & - Collections
    $ - Scripts​
    % - Tools​

    I will attempt to update these as the forums grow.
    If anyone has a suggestion to add, or resource websites, please post a reply to this topic!

    If you are having any problems, please request a tutorial!

    Retra's note - Please do not attempt to reply to *ANY* of the threads in the "Script\Addon Releases" Section, they will just be deleted anyway. Please click here for more info.
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    Jan 6, 2013
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    Tiger - DayZ Artifical Intelligence (AI)
    Learn how to add Sarge's AI Framework to your DayZ server
    Blur - Dayz Custom Buildings
    Learn how to add more buildings to your DayZ server
    Blur - DayZ Custom Loading Screen
    Learn how to add a custom loading screen to your DayZ server
    Blur - DayZ Debug Monitor
    Learn how to add a custom debug monitor to your DayZ server
    Tiger - Editing Battleye Files
    Learn how to edit your battleye restrictions on your DayZ server
    Blur - DayZ Map Editing
    Learn how to add more to your DayZ Map
    Blur - DayZ Refuel Script
    Learn how to add the vehicle refuel at gas stations script to your DayZ server
    Tiger - DayZ Towing/Heli Lift
    Learn how to add vehicle towing and helicopter lifting (logistics) to your DayZ server

    & Collections $ Scripts % Tools
    $AI Script, Mission, and Addon Compilation
    Collection of scripts and such for AI units
    &Arma Mission Editing
    Collection of tutorials and resources
    Tons of scripts, missions, tutorials, etc. via forums and for download
    $Arma Scripting Commands
    Wiki articles on Arma's scripting commands
    $Arma Scripts (tacticalgamer)
    A collection of scripts
    &Arma 2 Objects
    A library of Arma 2 and Arma 2: Operation Arrowhead objects (previously belonging to armatechsquad)
    $ArmAScript Examples
    Useful script snippets and missions with tutorials
    &DayZ.ST Wiki
    DayZ.ST guides for administrating servers
    &Mission Editing FAQ
    Includes a LOT of material regarding mission editing
    &Mission Tutorials/Discussions
    Includes a lot of discussions on the basis of missions
    $Select At Random Worldspaces
    Get a random location based on a case (mmmyum's solution) or an array (sarge's solution)
    %Squint Script Editor
    An editor and error-checker for arma script - and more
    &(un)Banned Vehicle List
    Classnames of default-banned DayZ models, vehicles, and weapons
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    Mission Scripts A-G
    # Not tested ✓ Tested and working * Incomplete, needs tutorial/rewrite
    ✓Freaking Fred - Anti-Zombie Emitter
    Build a device that will erradicate all zombies in a certain radius from the user
    ✓BluePhoenix175 - Admin Tools
    Adds admin commands and tools to your server
    ✓Sarge - AI Framework
    ✓axeman - AI Bus
    A bus that travels along the coast of Chernarus
    ✓mmmyum - Air Craft Carrier
    Add an air-craft carrier to your server
    ✓mmmyum - Air Raid
    Bombings on random or static cities/towns with an air-raid siren
    ✓Gorsy - Always In Combat
    An Anti-Combat Logger script that will not allow a player to log out until the coast is clear (figuratively speaking)
    ✓Gorsy - Animated C130/AN2 Crashes
    Add animated plane crashes to your server
    ✓Seven - Auto Refuel
    Adds the ability for a player to automatically refuel their vehicle
    ✓Muddr - Fixed Refuel Scripts | #Raveypoopoo - Customizable Auto Refuel | #Mattz - Auto Refuel
    ✓lazyink - Bi-planes With M240
    Add a machine gun to AN2 Bi-Planes
    ✓Krixes - Bloodbag Self
    Adds the ability for a player to bloodbag themselves
    #Seaweeduk - Cannibalism
    Eat your player base
    #Marvel - Car Radio
    Have a radio with playable tunes in any car
    ✓Gorsy - Carepackage Vehicles
    Have a vehicle be dropped from a c130 or an AN2 biplane
    ✓titan3515 - Cargo Check
    View the gear space occupied/vacant for vehicles, tents, and more
    ✓Gorsy - Carepackage from C130 or AN2
    #Hangender - ChooChoo Trains
    Places a train that travels from Cherno to Elektro and vise versa. Sound is played
    ✓Tiger - Color Filters/Corrections
    Provides more colors and effects to add to your server
    ✓Seven - Custom Loot Tables
    Allows configuration of DayZ's loot tables
    #lazyink - Custom Map Markers
    Allows admins to apply custom map markers
    ✓AsianKid - Easy Custom Map Markers
    #JoSh0 - Custom Scroll Menu
    Add and modify the scroll menu in your server! Add server-side executed scripts
    ✓piXel - DayZ Mission Addin
    Adds Anomalies and Sci-Fi to DayZ
    ✓piXel & marvel - DayZ Dogs
    Adds dogs to DayZ with a few commands
    ✓Freaking Fred - Dead Player Journal
    Dead player statistics via "Study Body"
    ✓P1-Kashwak - Debug Monitor
    *piXel - Dogs
    Add dogs to the server
    #Mamu1234 - Drink Water From Water Sources
    Drink water from water sources
    #Buttface - DZAI Lite - Dynamic AI
    Dynamic AI package
    #unkinhead - Editing Heli Crashes
    Change helicopter crashes, including loot drops
    ✓pinkamenapie - Electrical Power Grid
    Light up an area by tripping a circuit breaker
    ✓Excelsior - Excelsior Bridge
    A brige which connects Skalisty Island with Chernarus
    *Kind-Sir - Fast Rope* *Players die when fast-roping a majority of the time
    Fast roping from helicopters
    ✓ALKINDA - Flip Vehicle
    Flip a vehicle back onto it's up-right position
    ✓JoSh0 - GPS Video
    Play videos over the GPS screen
    ✓Andrew_S90 - Ground Fog
    Create knee-level fog
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    Mission Scripts H-Z
    # Not tested ✓ Tested and working * Incomplete, needs tutorial/rewrite
    ✓TorturedChunk, unkinhead, Hangender, VentZero - Halo Jump
    Allows Sky-diving
    #unkinhead - Halo Jump On Spawn
    ✓maca134 - Hint/globalchat Fix
    Fix Hints and Global Chat to appear on all clients
    ✓axeman - House Lighting
    #ZGreen-Spectre - Knockout and Revive
    Player is knocked out when blood is less than 1000, can be revived or can suicide
    ✓Player2 - Knockout System
    Adds an action to knock out a player
    ✓Soul - Ignite Tents
    Set tents on fire
    ✓Iport3 - Intro Cut Scene
    Add a camera pan-to-player effect in DayZ
    ✓Blur - Intro Sound
    Add a sound to play when a player respawns in your server
    ✓SASZane - Item Crafting (
    Craft an array of items and guns from materials found in DayZ
    ✓BDC - Jerry Cans Enhanced
    Customizable locations and animation times for refueling
    #shinkicker - Modifying Survivor Spawn Locations
    Modify where your players spawn in
    ✓Kind-Sir - MV22 Actions
    Adds actions to the MV22 Osprey
    ✓ToejaMz0r - Nametags
    Custom nametags for your server
    #Audio Rejectz - PPEffects
    Gives nice post-apocalyptic atmosphere to DayZ
    #seaweeduk - Random Clothing Parcels
    Gives nice post-apocalyptic atmosphere to DayZ
    ✓Torndeco - Random Starting Loadouts
    Random loadout to new players
    ✓Manatee Huner - Random Loadout Example
    ✓KillZoneKid - Remove DayZ-Added Buildings and Objects
    Remove the DayZ-added buildings (objects in streets, wrecks, tents at balota, etc)
    ✓unkinhead - Remove Parts From Vehicles
    Allows players to remove parts from vehicles
    ✓Gorsy - Repair and Refuel Stations
    Add repair and refuel stations for vehicles in your server
    ✓kikyou2 - Safezones
    Allows the setting of safezones
    ✓Player2 - Spawn Point Based on UID
    Specify a spawn point based on UID via the mission file
    ✓Audio Rejectz - Snow
    Gives nice post-apocalyptic atmosphere to DayZ
    ✓Grafzahl - Suicide
    Commit suicide with a secondary firearm
    ✓Zabn - Take Clothes
    Take clothes off of dead bodies
    ✓AlienX - Tent's Remaining Space
    See the remaining space in a tent (included in 1.7.7)
    ✓Krixes - Tent: Sleep Healing
    Restores blood during sleep
    ✓mosesuk - Third Person Limit
    Limit what vehicles players cannot use third person in
    #SwampFox424 - Towing
    Add =BTC= Towing to your server
    #Blur - Voice Action Menu
    A scroll wheel menu with voices used to communicate ingame
    ✓Mattz - Vehicle Repair Script
    Add a repair station to NWAF
    ✓BDC - Water Bottle Refilling Enhanced
    Fill water bottles with rain water
    ✓Jack Marslow - Weapon Cache
    Add a weapon cache with random weapons to your server
    #mmmyum - Zed Changes
    Changes to zombie behavior
    ✓Freaking Fred - Zombie Bait
    Bait zombies with a few materials, and even blow them up with the bait
    ✓BDC - Zombie Taunt
    Attract nearby zombies
    ✓Dami - Zone Protection (Base Building & Anti theft)
    Protect specified zones (includes tutorial for editor)
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    DayZ_Server Scripts
    # Not tested ✓ Tested and working * Incomplete, needs tutorial/rewrite
    Add banned material to your server
    ✓Grafzahl - Animated Helicrashes
    Random helicopters that crash and spawn loot
    ✓superlube - Anti Combat-Logging
    Keeps combat loggers in-game
    #daimyo21 - Base Building
    Allows base building in DayZ
    #kikyou2 - Base Building Improvements
    Adds new functionalities to Base Building in DayZ
    ✓Opticz - Custom Spawn Points (through database)
    Custom spawn points through the database based on UID
    ✓[z3r0]Stefan - Custom Starting Gear
    Custom starting gear through the server files
    ✓Gorsy - Custom Wrecks
    Add custom wrecks including gear to your server
    ✓rotceh_dnih - Disable Zombie Attacks in Cars
    Disable zombies from attacking players in vehicles
    #unkinhead - Editing Heli Crashes
    Edit heli crash settings
    #Churchie - Remove Clothes From Bodies
    Remove clothing from player bodies
    ✓Gorsy - Remove/replace Weapons and Ammo From Vehicles
    Remove or replace weapons or ammo on vehicles
    #TorturedChunk - Siphon Fuel
    Allows players to take fuel from vehicles
    ✓Freaking Fred - Wardrobe
    Allows players to change their skin via the action menu
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    [R3F] Revive and Logistics
    Adding R3F's scripts to your DayZ server
    Animal Types and Density
    Adjusting animal spawns and settings
    Animated/Realistic Helicopter Crashed
    Adding helicopters that fall from the sky simulating crashing
    Bus Route
    Adding a bus to go around Chernarus, picking people up
    Eat dead players
    Custom Death Screen
    Change the "You Are Dead" screen
    Fast Rope From Helicopters
    Grant the action to fast-rope from helicopters
    HALO Jumps For DayZ
    Skydiving option
    More Tents
    Adding more varieties of tents to DayZ
    Player ID zone restriction and humanity restriction zone
    Limiting players from accessing selected areas
    Radio Side Chat
    Limiting side chat to only those with a radio
    Remove ammo from vehicles
    Remove ammo and weapons from vehicles
    Remove Clothes From Dead Bodies
    Remove clothing from bodies, Includes scripts
    Safe Bases
    Limitations on player entry in a specified area
    Selective Spawn
    On new spawn, player can chose from certain points where to spawn
    Strip Vehicles For Parts
    DayZ_Code Edits
    Studying Bodies
    Cause of death, time of death
    Toolbelt Charges / Limited Fuel Tank
    Use-limits for tools
    Vehicle Towing / Heli Lifting
    Logistics in DayZ
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    nice work!
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    Can confirm this, got it working on chernarus, panthera, and taviana currently.
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    Done and done!
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    works great for me on chearnus map
    easy to install
    no problems so far
    thx to the author

    EDIT 7.4.2013
    #superlube - Anti Combat-Logging

    works for me on chearnus map
    thx to the author

    #piXel - DayZ Mission Addin
    also working on chearnus map
    had no problems installing

    i had problems with the teleports and silent warior anticheat
    so i had to remove them
    also the constant dog barking gets annoying after a while :)
    +it gives away player position
    the whistling when issuing commands can be heard in a a 1km radius

    except for that everything else works fine
    thx to both authors
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    Updated with a couple new links.
    Formatted the BBCode so more links can be fit in, as well as remove some extra HTML in the page. You can thank me later. :p

    Going to be working on adding in bare-bone mission files for each map as a download.
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  19. Beef

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    I LOVE YOU GUYS, you are brilliant!
    EDIT: and girls =)
  20. meat147

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    * for safezone script because this is not working. ;)
    only players are not able to kill some one hmmvs and so on kill. ;)
    I will write one. later
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