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Everything has been updated, hopefully I didn't miss any links.

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Hey guys i am making pvp areas on my server all of cherno and all of berinzino if i uploaded my mission file could someone edit it and make a big circle around those areas and put pvp area? so when they look at there map it shows you the areas you can pvp at.


Adding R3F's scripts to your DayZ server
Animal Types and Density
Adjusting animal spawns and settings
Animated/Realistic Helicopter Crashed
Adding helicopters that fall from the sky simulating crashing
Bus Route
Adding a bus to go around Chernarus, picking people up
Eat dead players
Custom Death Screen
Change the "You Are Dead" screen
Fast Rope From Helicopters
Grant the action to fast-rope from helicopters
HALO Jumps For DayZ
Skydiving option
More Tents
Adding more varieties of tents to DayZ
Player ID zone restriction and humanity restriction zone
Limiting players from accessing selected areas
Radio Side Chat
Limiting side chat to only those with a radio
Remove ammo from vehicles
Remove ammo and weapons from vehicles
Remove Clothes From Dead Bodies
Remove clothing from bodies, Includes scripts
Safe Bases
Limitations on player entry in a specified area
Selective Spawn
On new spawn, player can chose from certain points where to spawn
Strip Vehicles For Parts
DayZ_Code Edits
Studying Bodies
Cause of death, time of death
Toolbelt Charges / Limited Fuel Tank
Use-limits for tools
Vehicle Towing / Heli Lifting
Logistics in DayZ
Hahaha. 75% of these don't work for me. I recently tried the "tent sleep" addon. The player lays down in his tent, he is forced out by some invisible force, and then he gets up and has not healed one bit. Then he lays back down, gets back up, and equips his weapon. I'm gonna assume my problem is the fact that I have (?)


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Anyone else getting errors redirecting to the Google URL Shortener page when clicking the OP links?
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I will be providing a pastebin with all of the expanded links sometime today in case the Google URLs do not redirect.


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Nice thread and good for ideas but some of the links should be updated because newer versions of dayz are out and sometimes alot changes.