Shins Modeling for Arma 2 / DayZ Tutorial - Part Two


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So lets have a quick round up on progress made. In part one we laid out what we wish to achieve. We installed BI Tools and learned about the all important P: drive!

Now we will move onto setting up a CA repository and configuring our fresh installation of Oxygen 2!

Creating a CA directory.
What is CA ?

CA is a repository which contains all of the default Arma game objects that are used by the Virtual Reality Engine. Everything you see in game from a plastic barrel, outside toilet, a Takistan market stall, Grumman F-14 Tomcat fighter jet or the hospital in Cherno are all located in CA.

The default location for CA is situated in your Arma 2 OA (or Just Arma 2 / 3) under a folder named 'Addons'.

Addons Folder​

Within the Addons folder there are a bunch of PBO files. PBO is similar to zip or rar, its a way of archiving files together and is a format that the Arma engine works with.

So how does this relate to the P: Drive?

What we need to do is take every single one of those PBO files from the Addons folder, and unPBO (like UnZip) all of them into our P: Drive.

So for example, we would take:

C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\arma 2 operation arrowhead\AddOns\animals.pbo
And make it into:

We do this as sometimes our models / addons might need to borrow components from the existing Arma game objects. For example if we decide to make a car then we can inherit parts of existing cars to make up our own to save making them ourselves!.For example we could use the sounds from the Skoda. We call this inheritance! (we will go more into inheritance later).

CA is also a useful reference to have. You have one central place where you can view the config.cpp files for every in game object to to see how to do configure models / addons the right way.

Anyway to go back to unPBO'ing every single file into our P: Drive. You might well be thinking 'That is a feck ton of work!' Well as luck would have it there is a handy little script to do it for us. This script is called 'Arma2P' by a guy called Mikero.

Mikeros Arma2P script

Download link here

Install instructions:

1. Unrar Arma2P.2.5.1a.rar to anywhere on your PC.

2. Go into the newly created folder and then unrar the following:




3. OK, now run Arma2P.2.5.1.cmd (double click on it or 'cd' via a dos box if you have a big beard and like to do things that way).

This will then open a command line prompt and start the whole process for you. Now would be a good time to take a break, this can take up to 30 minutes +

After that move on to Part 3 where we set up Oxygen 2

Part Three
Hey shinkicker, After extracting the rar files to a folder and then extracting the last 3 rar files into that folder, I ran Arma2P.2.5.1 cmd. The cmd prompt just said, "Press any key to continue." I pressed a key and the cmd prompt closed. I don't think that is what is supposed to happen because you said it can take up to thirty minutes for it to do what it has to do. Can you help me out please?

If i click on Arma2P.2.5.1, it only shows me all the path to P:Ca and says no entry is that right or wrong?

Cna you add me on skype (cici55554)and help me out, i dont wann ado it wrong. Would be nice if you want to help me with setting up Part 2?


Hmm..Something is wrong with my P:, its always says path to P:whatever not found

Would be awesome if you could help me, anyway i`m away now for the next 5 days (going to south England yeah :D)
Anyone still got the Mikeros Arma2P script, as the download link isn't working anymore. Tried to get files manually be looks like something's been replaced. So if someone still has the bat files and the other files that's needed and could share them with me would be great.
Ran the install tools, never got an option to set up a P drive. There is a BI's Drive in the setup options that says it's supposed to install one but I don't see a P: after the install.

Also, when I run Arma2P.2.5.1.cmd it opens a command prompt that says; "P: must be set, press any key to continue". If I run it as administrator, it says; "extractpbo is required... press any key to continue", I press a key then the window closes and nothing happens.
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Hi Jerry,

Sorry for late reply, you can do it manually, go to here:

C:\Users\luke\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\Windows\Start Menu\Programs\Startup

and create a batch file called subst.bat

And paste in the following:

For example:

Shinkicker, thanks! That seems to have worked for the P:. However, after running it, I got this. Should I be concerned?

How can you only have .pbo files? I have also BISIGN files between the .pbo files.
and what do you mean by "What we need to do is take every single one of those PBO files from the Addons folder, and unPBO (like UnZip) all of them into our P: Drive." I'm i copying the .pbo into P: Drive or just that inside the file?

It tells me that my P: drive doesnt exis but i can still go into if / Delete and save stuff in it.. how to fix?
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If the arma2p script stalls looking for the correct path to your arma install directory...

I had the dayZ alpha standalone installed and arma2p couldn't find it's path in the registry at "HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Wow6432Node\Bohemia Interactive Studio\ArmA 2".
So I fired up regEdit and just created a key at that location(right-click > new), named it "ArmA 2".
In it , I created a string value, in the same way, named it "MAIN" and copy-pasted the path to my dayZ install directory in the data field.
Quit regedit and started the arma2p again and it worked :)
Okay got it now, but still need help from what to do in arma 2.
I tried to make a new called ArmA 2 as you said and it tells me (The Key allready exis)