Spectator Tools for Admins! DOWNLOAD + INSTALLATION (GCAM)


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Hello server admins!

Myself and VR-Shiva have developed this new redesigned spectator script blows the other one away.


Part 1:
  1. Download the .zip file attached.
  2. Extract the .zip file into the root of your server. (If it asks you to overwrite "scripts.txt" do so.)
  3. Open server.cfg (\cfgdayz\server.cfg).
  4. Scroll down to where you see "dayz_1.Chernarus" and change it to "dayz_1_spec.Chernarus".
  5. Save the .cfg and exit.
Part 2:
  1. Open "config.hpp" (\MPMissions\dayz_1_spec.Chernnarus\gcam\config.hpp).
  2. *Change "ID" to your player ID. *Optional if you want to add another playerID read the commented lines in the config.hpp
  3. Save the .hpp and exit.
Part 3:
  1. Start your server.
  2. Join your server.
  3. Log into admin. Either by pressing "Shift + P" or in the chat #login <password>.
  4. **Press "o".
  5. After you press "o" it will put you into the spectator script. Press "L" to open the menu.
  6. Use the spectator script to spectate and ban the hackers/scripters on your server.
*To find your playerID go into ARMA2: OA and click "profiles", select your name, and click "edit". You will see something at the bottom right of it that looks like this:

**To close gcam just press "p". You no longer need to disconnect off of the server to play again.

If you experience any problems with the script please let me know in the down below.

UPDATE 6/19/13: Updated GCAM to

Old News:
UPDATE 3/6/13: Updated GCAM to fix script problems.
UPDATE 3/5/13: Updated GCAM to
UPDATE 2/6/13: Updated the tool to the latest version of DayZ ( and updated download links. Make sure to download the newest version.
UPDATE 2/1/13: Updated the tool to the latest version of DayZ (1.7.5)


Battle observation / Unit action pursuit camera script by Gigan
Awesome tool. I will be using this cheers.

This may sound crazy but is it possible to adjust it to have anyone get into spectator mode? Or will it always be restricted to admins?
EDIT: I ask this for a inhouse event my server is holding. We are holding a survivor games thingy and would be awesome for the people who die to be able to watch everyone else. Then I can spend my time keeping everything running and not streaming it for everyone.
thank you very much
keep this updated for future dayz versions
another question: u will updated your github package for dayz 1.7.4 ? because 1.7.4 have dogs
;) Thanks Pwnozor!;)

But Sorry, I press the "o" and nothing happens, please help with this
if I press "o" only shows the clock.

and the change in ID is:
"PLAYERID1" TO "21558888" or is "PLAYERID1" TO "PLAYER21558888" ??????
i really like it, but i installed it and the side channel is gone :(

EDIT: found it, you can change it in the \MPMissions\dayz_1_spec.chernarus\description.ext =)
Please I need a Answer, Why can't initialize the spectator.
I did everything as instructed, but nothing happened, press the "o" and nothing, as I can fix this?
If I press "o" only shows the clock.
Please I need a Answer, Why can't initialize the spectator.
I did everything as instructed, but nothing happened, press the "o" and nothing, as I can fix this?
If I press "o" only shows the clock.
Go through and do everything again. You must have done something wrong.
I've tried twice to see if anything had gone wrong, I followed the instructions to the letter and put my ID in playerid example: "2544584" but when I upload the server and try to enter pressing "o" not nothing happens

can someone tell me how to fix it, which is exclusively Pwnozor who has been working on the project.
For everyone where the "o" doesnt work:
U most be logged in as admin before u go ingame.
If u log in as admin ingame u most go to lobby and go back in.

Hope this helps
Renamed and re-uploaded. Everyone that was having a problem now try it again.
Just downloaded a couple hours ago and followed the instructions to the letter...no dice. Will wait for an update or find out whats causing it not to "work". :) good stuff so far though thumbs up

[EDIT] Just to double check it's suppose to look like:
#define DEBUG true
#define GCAM true
#define ADMINS [ "#######" ]
//If you want multiple admins to be able to log into the spectator script do as followed:
//#define ADMINS [ "PLAYERID1", "PLAYERID2" ]
//Instead of PLAYERID1/etc. change it to your ID.
is that correct? If so then dunno why it isn't working.


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Worked fine for me after I noticed the spelling error. Just get logged in as an admin, hit O, works.

Pwn, two things. Can we get some sort of small user guide, and second, is there going to be any other sort of functionality added? I really enjoyed the thermal, night vision, even the ability to watch zombies was nice. Butterfly mode would have been spectacular if it wasn't so jerky.

But if all I wanted to do was watch a player for cheats, this would do it. I did, however, enjoy watching firefights from above. :)