[Support] Animated Vehicles


if (!isDedicated) then {
mv22_pack = compile preprocessFileLineNumbers "\ca\air2\mv22\scripts\pack.sqf";

Everything works for me but I do not get the pack option for the suv, everything else does what it is supposed to, any suggestions, I am on epoch beta 112555 Dedicated server...

Thanks again great script if I can get this option to work I will be set...

Also i can not find this file [pack.sqf] can someone attach this or point me in the right direction, I have searched every CA folder I can find....Thanks in advance


Thanks for the response, I can not figure it out, everything works but the pack, the hatches open and close fine, I will research it again and check out the files again step by step....thanks again nice script


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love this, it adds a little class. the only issue i have is that every time i enter and exit i get another set of open and close commands on the scroll wheel, any thoughts?
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going through my copied variables.sqf, and not seeing s_player_upgradestroage = -1;
anywhere in there, alternately, is "storage" spelled wrong?


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For the packing issues i just took the pack.sqf from air2.pbo/mv22/scripts and put it in my missions script folder in mission pbo and used
mv22_pack = compile preprocessFileLineNumbers "scripts\pack.sqf";
all works fine for me great addition.


pack.sqf is literally just:
_mv22 =_this select 0;
_phase=_this select 1;
_mv22 animate["engine_prop_1_1_turn",_phase]; 
_mv22 animate["engine_prop_1_2_turn",_phase]; 
_mv22 animate["engine_prop_1_3_turn",_phase]; 
_mv22 animate["engine_prop_2_1_turn",_phase]; 
_mv22 animate["engine_prop_2_2_turn",_phase];
_mv22 animate["engine_prop_2_3_turn",_phase]; 
_mv22 animate["engine_prop_1_1_close",_phase];
_mv22 animate["engine_prop_1_3_close",_phase]; 
_mv22 animate["engine_prop_2_1_close",_phase]; 
_mv22 animate["engine_prop_2_2_close",_phase];
_mv22 animate["pack_engine_1",_phase];
_mv22 animate["pack_engine_2",_phase];   
_mv22 animate["turn_wing",_phase];
so just save that as pack.sqf to your missions scripts folder, then add:

    mv22_pack = compile preprocessFile "scripts\pack.sqf";
to compiles.sqf

Should work.