[SUPPORT] - Sheeps Epoch Repack

It's not as easy as I said. you're going to have to use a diff program and compare the Linux and windows server files and merge the two. The linuX Files will write to the log where the windows files will make the child calls.
There are perhaps 60 changes? But this is all that's required
  1. Logo
    You mean the watermark displayed on lower left corner of the screen?
    in your init.sqf near the top where the settings are listed, look for SERVER_NAME and if its not set, then set it to what you want displayed or edit whats there. and you need to set WATERMARK to true in the scriptcontrol.sqf file.

  2. Death Screen
    Open description.ext in your mission folder. Look for your CLASS RSCTITLES section. There should be a "class DeathScr" section. Inside of that section is what you want:
    I believe the Deathscreen MUST be in paa format, not sure though. Mine is in a folder in my mission named "pictures" and the image is called Deathscr.paa. You can name it whatever you want. The image must be 2x1 so like 1024x512. search for the tool to install that will convert images into PAA format, its available on Armaholic.

  3. Remove Admin Tools
    Open the scriptcontrol.sqf file and search for

    //Admin Tools
    AdmintoolsScript = true;
    set to false.

  4. Add Infistar
    Copy the 2 infistar files to your dayz_server.pbo in the init folder.
    add this to the top of your server_functions.sqf file

    [] execVM "\z\addons\dayz_server\init\AH.sqf";
    // (AT THE VERY TOP OF server_functions.sqf ABOVE EVERYTHING ELSE!)

  5. Banking. Which script? Whats wrong with whats installed? for that matter, what IS installed?
Help please when i join it not respond not load server data
this repack is no longer supported and very out of date. it is not compatible with the latest arma2 patches or the recent epoch patch.

also the image you posted is blank, also please use the proper reporting format, example below
Build: 0.16_Cash_Me_Up_Standard_Overpoch

any RPT errors?: LINK TO RPT LOG

changed/added/removed ANYTHING in the repack?: NO

private or hosted server?: PRIVATE

server host (if hosted)? :N?A

any anti hack?: Infistar

Issue: server wont load gets error in RPT