Tartan Army Gaming | Modded Server | PC

The Tartan Army Gaming DayZ Server is now open to the public!

  • ZomBerry Admin Tools
  • Community Framework
  • MoreGuns
  • Mass's Many Items Overhaul
  • Trader & Trader Wallet
  • Build Anywhere
  • Code Locks
  • FishingZ
  • DayZ Navigation
  • VanillaPlusPlusMap
  • Better Suppressors
  • OP_Base Items
  • Less Destruction
We have custom loot on spawning with a new character and increased loot in the military zones.
Join us on Discord to group up, or join with your friends to try take us on. https://discord.gg/r7qrsay
Contact myself (Astrotag) on Discord and quote "OpenDayZ" to get ten thousand rubles on joining the server.