Taviana 2.0 for Dayz 1.8 (Sharks Build)


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More skins/weapons/vehicle packs are always good to "liven" up the mod.

I would prefer this be an official taviana 3.0 mod on dayz commander, but as long as it gets on commander I'll be happy.
The loot seems to be very minimal every time I play on the test server. Is it set up that way or is it on my testing server?

Are you going to try to get this on DayZ Commander? Without the exposure there I doubt the mod goes anywhere. Even if you do nothing else it's more of a mod than 50% of the others on DZC. I say that because it's a huge upgrade to the newest code on one of the best maps.


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just fund an ugly bug causing 46 vehicles to spawn in the same place. In the main description is an update to run against the database. this will fix it.

1) take down server
2) run update agains the db
3) start server
Are you having this problem, sharkking? When chopping wood my character gets stuck in the animation and won't stop chopping. Plus I was able to chop wood in the middle of the runway.