Taviana 2.0 for Dayz 1.8 (Sharks Build)


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I think that's the right direction to take the mod. Having an official 3.0 release will be huge.

Does that impact the timeline?
So many are excited about a new Taviana being put out so it would be nice to toss in a little update news every so often. Not saying now either. Just whenever so people don't start to think it's another dead end project.

Keep up the good work..
Hope you're feeling better, Shark. Thanks for the update!

It's nice for someone to make a quick post simply saying the project is still alive.
Really curious to see where this goes. I'm still very noobish when it comes to modding, but sharkking seemed so close with his initial release. The only issue I found was the harveting wood and that was fixed with I have a bad feeling this turns into another dead end project to bring Taviana alive again.
SorryI have been so quiet and out of the picture for a week I am currently working on a build I am just at the moment trying to organise some files around so when it comes to the next update whether it is 1.8 .0 .4 or higher the features can easily be implemented rather than boycotting the whole build and working from scratch for each update I am just waiting at the moment for my dedicated server providers to do their maintenance work. However I have not spoken to sharkking in the past week or so which I am not entirely sure what his priorities are at the moment because one day I hear development will be on hold whilst he works on 3.0 and brings that to Cmdr with the other guys so I am pretty much lost and confused about his intentions with this now. hopefully he will be online and leave a message regarding his decision