Taviana 2.0 for Dayz 1.8 (Sharks Build)


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i am still alive guys. But as i told some posts before i had ti fight a heavy flu. Today is the first day i am good enough to be back at work. Give me a few days to sort things out there. I will contiunue working on 3.0 next week.
Any news on this will go in the taviana 3.0 post btw. So please check there
I am not sure what is happening I am no longer taking part in the development of this but however this doesn't mean I have stopped developing a version of my own which is using reality hive rather than pwnzors but that is not for me to be advertising all over this thread.
Status: DayZ Code
Server to try it: due to upgrade
Download (Client):
unpack it to your Arma2 OA Folder, start Dayz with override @Taviana18

Download (Server):
(Git has been closed)
new Link: http://www.sharkworks.de/dayz/taviana/Taviana-X.zip

Vehicle spawn Hotfix
( see http://www.opendayz.net/posts/78970/ )

Its Taviana 1.0 running on dayz 1.8 code.
The Build is based on Pwnoz0r´s private Hive.​
Rolling Changelog
[added] BE filters
[changed] all mission related files are now kept in MPmissions Folder instead of dayz_code.pbo
[fixed] spawn into water (debug)
[fixed] swimming on the surface on respawn
[fixed] wrong signature. dayz_weapons is now signed correctly
[changed] reverted back from 10 to 6 crashsides.
[fixed] only 5 out of 10 spawnpoints where adressed during player_setup function.​
[Initial release]​
[changed] - HiFi_Enviroment replaces some original Arma2 environmental sounds
[replaced] - Taviana player spawn areas replaced with 10 new ones on both islands
[renewed] - All vehicle spawns have been made new (480 total, 250 standard limmit). No additional Vehicles other than originally allowed ones have been used.
[removed] - removed infected camps
[changed] - 10 Crashsites (Standard 3) on Both Islands with differnt Heli/Car/Truck/Tank Wrecks
[changed] - refuel script: Refuel time is doubled, Refuel can be set on/off through init.sqf by Server Admins
[new] - Implemented Axemans Street/House/Towerlighting. Lights can be generally switched on/off through init.sqf by Server Admins. Houselights have a 65% chance to come up and a 45 % chance to flicker and fail​
Known Bugs/Problems
Lights may not work on west island​
dayz mod team (DayZ)
Martin Bauer (Taviana 2.0)
Axeman (Lights)
Mark XIII (Hifi_Sounds)
Pwnoz0r (private Hive)
Opendayz.net (Inspirations, Ideas, Helps)
sorry for my poor english
any feedback / suggestions / critics are welcome​

I have rented a vilayer server, however the only map I can get running with the latest build 1.8.5 is Chernarus. The tavi map is solely 1.6.3. I know this is a stretch, but would you happen to know a work around or a solution?
to continue from our other thread ..
i actually had updated dayz taviana to 1.8.0 or something after that. i will see if,i have the files and we can update to 1.8.5 the problem is,the players will have to download your mod from you. unless you can,ask,dayz launcher to include your tavi 1.8.5 mod
This is an email I received today:

Hi Jason,

It would be up to Vilayer's developers if this is something we would host.

However, the developers of Taviana would need to speak with our developers in regards.

As for DayZ vanilla ever allowing other maps. I do not believe it will as this would then not be DayZ Vanilla.
When DayZ mod first went live many years ago, the first map on the game was Chernarus. Thus starting the DayZ Vanilla series.

All other maps of DayZ remove the "Vanilla" part of the mod.

So making DayZ Vanilla allow other maps is simply changing the mod. Not the map.