Too many AI

Hey there, I absolutely love your script. You've done an amazing job with it, clearly one of the best scripts made for Arma/Dayz. It's simple to set up and easy to configure. I used to use Sarge, until I discovered yours.

Now that I kissed your ass (Though everything I said was true), I have an issue now. I took a break from running a server for 6 months. I came back and got the new version of DZAI. I set it up like I always have and runs great. My only issue (well, my players issue) is there's just too many ai spawning around a player. When looking at the map with admin tools, I can see at times, 4-5 groups of Ai around a town/city hunting a player. For me, that would be fun, but they're not enjoying it so much. Now, this is with default settings. I've tried editing several things in an attempt to lower the spawns. I've edited the respawn amounts, spawn min/max times and other areas as well. There used to be a setting that would allow you to set the max number of Ai spawned in a group and max groups? I don't remember to be honest. Is there a setting I'm missing? Any help would be greatly appreciated..



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Everything related to AI spawns is in the world_spawn_configs folder. Check the world_(mapname).sqf files to edit the spawns for the map your server is using. The world_chernarus.sqf file has a comment line explaining the meaning of each value used to create a static spawn.

Can I ask which map your server is using? The most recent changes to static spawns have cut AI amounts drastically, the least commonly used maps tended to have high amounts. I don't recall placing more than 2 AI groups in any single city, except for special cases with exceptionally large cities.


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That's odd, after the last changes Taviana felt like a giant ghost town. Anyways, hope I gave you enough information in my last post to help you edit your AI spawns.

Also in the most recent version (2.2.1), there's new options in dzai_config.sqf to set spawn probabilities for each area category. Knock those numbers down to your liking to reduce the chance of AI spawning.


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Im useing chenarus and i have players complaining about AI spawing near them all the time and they are getting very annoyed would i look in the same file. I just want to lower the chance they will spawn near a player if possible.